Hello, and welcome to my blog!  Here you will find posts about a range of things, whether they are quick thoughts or longer posts. I don’t post regularly AT ALL (whoops), so don’t get worried if I disappear as I’m probably not dead!

If you want to contact me about anything, please visit this page.

Also, if you’re reading this, just know that you are making me feel very happy to have visitors!

xx Elly xx

I met a blogger!!

Hellooo! I may have been absent for over a month again (oops) but I am back again, this time with MUCH EXCITEMENT!

If you’re following him (which you totally should be) you’ll likely already know this, but last week I met the very lovely L. Since I have no money and London is expensive, he came all the way up to Leeds for the day and I met him there. Despite me blogging for over two years now, this was the first time I’ve ever actually met up with a blogger (perks of being the lonely northerner, eh?) so I was SUPER HYPED. I’m still incredibly thankful to L for travelling up here, because the day was FAB!


It’s Christmas!


I hope you have a great day if you celebrate it, and even if you don’t I hope things are good for you!!!

Feel free to let me know if you got anything nice! Ily all ❤

xx Elly xx

(Also yes I know this isn’t the best of posts and again I’ve been gone over a month but pffft we all already know I’m a terrible blogger. Hopefully I should be able to get more posts up next year!)

My baby blog is growing up!

Yoooooooo it’s me again after OVER TWO MONTHS (whoops)! Can I even call myself a blogger anymore?

Yeah, soz for the extreme lack of posts – I went back to school and was like WAIT WHAT IS GOING ON because this new school year comes with the harsh reality that I have two actual GCSEs at the end of this school year and that means stress, confusion, and lots of do I really have to m8 I just need sleep, leading to me being an actual terrible blogger and not even being able to schedule stuff because I have 0 ideas ahaha help

But don’t worry, this post isn’t going to be an annoying help-me-I’m-too-stressed thing, because I actually have some ~super exciting news~ to share:

M8S MY BLOG IS TWO!!!!!!!!!!!