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Back to school / sixth form clothing haul

Hello again!! I start sixth form tomorrow, which is scary, but you know what makes up for that? The fact that I can wear my own clothes to school instead of an uncomfortable, unflattering uniform! Only problem is, I needed to stock up on clothes since I didn’t want to be wearing the same 5…… Continue reading Back to school / sixth form clothing haul

August 2017 – a playlist

Well hello again, I guess I’m momentarily back from my 3-ish-month blogging slump, so here’s my playlist for last month (as mentioned in my previous post)! As usual with my playlists, there’s quite a mix of different songs, but I hope you enjoy! Even If It’s a Lie – Matt Maltese I was first introduced…… Continue reading August 2017 – a playlist

December 2016 – playlist

Hello m8s and welcome to… ANOTHER POST (WHAAAAT?!) Posting more than once in the space of, uh, a month? I don’t know what’s got into me either, don’t worry. So yeah, you know that whole monthly playlist thing I tried and then haven’t posted about since August (wow what a great blogger I am)? I…… Continue reading December 2016 – playlist