A Review of Betty Box!*

*Betty Box were kind enough to send me a free box to review, but all opinions in this post are completely my own!

I’m back again pals and I’m super excited for this post because it’s my first ever post with a company!

As I said before, Betty Box kindly sent me their September box for free, which I received earlier last week. According to their website, Betty Box is “specially tailored with all your monthly period essentials” and contains “brilliant beauty products from top brands, sweet treats for that much-needed pick me up… plus loads of other cool stuff.” From seeing what I got in this box, I definitely think it’s good value for money (£12.99 a month), especially as sanitary products alone can be expensive!

I’ve tried most things that were in the box now, so here’s a review, split up into little sections to make things easier:

The Box

1EDITED P1040511

The box itself was lovely and colourful, and I love the way the products are sectioned into ‘for you’, ‘for later’, ‘for night’, and a little bag ‘for now’. It also came with a little booklet which tells you what’s in the ‘for you’ box (along with prices and where to buy them), and a card with more details about the subscription service. I think the little bag will be useful in the future as it’s a good size to pop in your handbag/school bag to carry around sanitary products or other little bits and bobs.


1EDITED P1040532

Now to delve into the ‘for you’ box! There were a few beauty-related items in there, all of which I was excited to try out.

  • Bubble T Moroccan Mint Tea lip balm – My first thought when I opened this lip balm was about how absolutely adorable the packaging is. You can’t really see from the picture, but it’s shaped like a little macaroon (or is it macaron, I never know) and the colour is also lovely! It smells great – really nice and fresh and minty – and feels nice and moisturising but not sticky when you apply it. Unfortunately as I have suuuuper dry lips, this is not the greatest lip balm I’ve ever used, however it does still leave my lips smooth and doesn’t dry them out so I’ll definitely carry on using it.
  • Trust Fund Beauty nail varnish in Omg, Dying! – I like this nail varnish! It is a little liquidy so was ever-so-slightly difficult for me to use if I didn’t wipe enough off the brush (bearing in mind I’m terrible at painting my nails), but it does give a nice colour and didn’t need too many coats – I found two worked nicely – plus I can wear it for school as it’s a nude-type colour, which is always a bonus! It’s also cruelty free and vegan, so that’s nice. My one complaint would be that this was not one of the shades mentioned in the booklet, however I do still like it.
  • T-Zone charcoal and bamboo pore strips – My one piece of advice for using these: READ THE PACKET PROPERLY!! Silly me tried to apply it to my dry nose, but luckily I realised and once I got it to stick it worked well! It didn’t hurt to take off but still removed a good amount of stuff from my nose (ew) leaving my nose really smooth, and only left a little bit of residue behind which easily wiped off with a flannel and warm water.
  • Chirp body softness hair mask –  I have yet to try this out but I’ve heard various things about hair masks so I’m excited to try it! The packaging is super cute too!


1EDITED P1040544

  • Joe & Seph’s salted caramel popcorn – This was absolutely delicious! I’m not a huge popcorn person (like, I’ll eat it if it’s there but it’s not my favourite thing, you know?), but this was gorgeous. The salted caramel flavour was lovely – just the right amount of sweet vs salty – and my friends who tried it liked it too! There was also a decent amount in the packet, which I was pleased with, and it was a good size to fit in my school bag for a snack at break.
  • Monty Bojangles truffles – I am still yet to try these, but they do look lovely! I received the butterscotch, orange and ‘choccy’ truffles, all of which sound great and I’m sure I will enjoy them when I finally get round to eating them! (I would have to be ill, wouldn’t I?!)


1EDITED P1040539

  • Minifelts iron-on patch – Look how adorable this is, I love it. Sadly I don’t really have anywhere to put this, but it’s so cute and a lovely colour, plus the fact that it’s iron-on means no sewing!! Cheers, good karma llama!
  • Stabilo Boss pastel highlighter – I’ve been eyeing up these pastel highlighters for ages since they’re just so pretty and I’m a sucker for stationery, so when I received one in the box I was over the moon! This is definitely ideal for the September box, what with all the revision that comes with being back at school, but now I may just have to get the rest of them!
  • La La Land sticky notes – More adorable stationery? Yes please! Sticky notes are always useful to have around and these unicorn ones are absolutely adorable. They may come in handy for revision, or just for other random things (or they may just be too nice to use!)

Sanitary products

1EDITED P1040549

I could hardly review a period box without mentioning the sanitary products, surely?

Betty Box provides a wide range of sanitary product options when choosing your subscription, with different brands of pads and tampons. The boxes they came in were cute and colourful, which is really nice – I like the stars on the night box! I also liked the inclusion of pantyliners in the little bag, as these are always useful during the course of the month.

My one complaint in terms of sanitary pads (I can’t speak for tampons) is the lack of options for those with a heavier period (maybe a little TMI ahead?). I had to go for the long+ option, whereas usually I’d use night pads even during the day, so it would’ve been nice to have the option for more absorbent ones. Granted, Betty Box is targeted towards teenagers, but teenagers with heavier flows do exist! The pads I chose will still be useful to me towards the end of my period though, so it’s not a complete disaster, but that’s just one thing to keep in mind if your periods are heavier.

Overall, I really liked the box and would definitely consider getting one again, especially as I feel the price is really good for what you get! The combination of different things was really varied and it definitely made dealing with a horrible period more manageable!

Thank you so much again to Betty Box for sending me this to review! You can check out their website here for more information and also some fun articles which I’ve enjoyed looking through!

Have you tried Betty Box (or any other period subscription boxes)? If so, I’d love to know what you think in the comments! If not, would you ever try this sort of thing? Let me know!

Elly xx

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