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August 2017 – a playlist

Well hello again, I guess I’m momentarily back from my 3-ish-month blogging slump, so here’s my playlist for last month (as mentioned in my previous post)! As usual with my playlists, there’s quite a mix of different songs, but I hope you enjoy!


Productivity? I don’t know her

Ahh, summer, that time of the year when I tell myself, “I’ve got six weeks of no school – I’m going to do so much!” but we all know THAT’S a complete lie. Oops.

Anyway, how are we all? I guess a prime example of my less-than-great productivity is here on my blog, since I literally just do not post. Like at all. My last post here was in…uh… LATE MAY. Great job there Elly, you’re really amazing at this whole blogger thing. Wow.

I guess I just wanted to make this post as like a little update thing. It’s very disjointed (as are all my posts, I mean what do you expect at this point), but since I last posted various things have happened (however bland and uninteresting) so I thought I may as well share. You may also be glad or completely horrified, whichever, to know that I’m still alive! So yay for even more extremely sporadic blogging to come!

As for what I’ve been doing, here’s a little list for you to read if you so wish:

  • I took two GCSEs (because my school is weird and we do two a year early) in Media and Religious Studies. There was a lot of stress, particularly around Media because I didn’t have a whole lot of time to finalise my coursework (which made up 60% of the final grade I think??) but I DID IT and I completed the exam despite it being weird and having ridiculous question topics/styles that WEREN’T ON THE SYLLABUS. UM. EXCUSE ME. Thankfully, RS was less stressful and even though I had two exams, I felt much better about them.
  • I went to London with my school! It was only a three day trip, and unfortunately most of it consisted of travelling (why is London so BIG, omg), but overall I had loads of fun! We visited the Harry Potter studio tour, which was just as amazing as the first time I went, and the addition of the Forbidden Forest was really cool! On top of that, we saw two West End shows – Aladdin and School of Rock – both of which were absolutely brilliant in their own ways, despite being so incredibly different. And anyway, I do love a good musical 😉
  • I broke up for my school summer holidays (of which I now have not a lot left, aaah) and I’ve been away a couple of times and both were lovely!
  • Dodie released her latest EP, You, and it is absolutely beautiful and amazing and I love it so so much (I’m also seeing her for the second time in October – HYPED)
  • It was my birthday (yay!), and in that same week I did a four-day drama workshop and performance of Grease which was cool!
  • I got my GCSE results – an A in Media and an A* in Rs, which I am SO HAPPY with!!

And that just about brings things up to date! I go back to school on Thursday, which will be strange after the long holiday, but it’ll be nice to see all my friends again despite the early starts.

So I guess that’s about it for this post! I hope to be able to get my August playlist up at some point, since I haven’t done a playlist post (or any post lol) for ages and I do enjoy them! In the mean time, you can get a sneaky listen as it’s already up on my Spotify (badgerunicorn).


Elly xx

I met a blogger!!

Hellooo! I may have been absent for over a month again (oops) but I am back again, this time with MUCH EXCITEMENT!

If you’re following him (which you totally should be) you’ll likely already know this, but last week I met the very lovely L. Since I have no money and London is expensive, he came all the way up to Leeds for the day and I met him there. Despite me blogging for over two years now, this was the first time I’ve ever actually met up with a blogger (perks of being the lonely northerner, eh?) so I was SUPER HYPED. I’m still incredibly thankful to L for travelling up here, because the day was FAB!


It’s Christmas!


I hope you have a great day if you celebrate it, and even if you don’t I hope things are good for you!!!

Feel free to let me know if you got anything nice! Ily all ❤

xx Elly xx

(Also yes I know this isn’t the best of posts and again I’ve been gone over a month but pffft we all already know I’m a terrible blogger. Hopefully I should be able to get more posts up next year!)