August 2017 – a playlist

Well hello again, I guess I’m momentarily back from my 3-ish-month blogging slump, so here’s my playlist for last month (as mentioned in my previous post)! As usual with my playlists, there’s quite a mix of different songs, but I hope you enjoy!

Even If It’s a Lie – Matt Maltese

I was first introduced to this song through Dodie’s cover (go listen, it’s gorgeous), and wow, the original is just as beautiful. This is not the first of Matt Maltese’s songs that I’ve heard – Spotify featured his ‘Paper Thin Hotel’ on one of my Discover Weekly playlists a while back – but I honestly fell in love with this song. It’s just so beautiful and emotional, I cry

Mood – Emily Vaughn

This song is just so SASSY, I love it. It’s got such a great feel to it, the clicks at the beginning that continue throughout sound really cool, and it’s just a bit of a bop tbh.

All Of You – Leadley

This summer I’ve really been liking more pop-type songs, and so naturally I really liked this. It’s quite soft?? But also just really nice and just,,,, yes I love

The Things We Used To Share – Thomas Sanders

What can I say other than this man is the most precious beings ever, and I love everything he does. This song is just as lovely, and I love it lots! I also love how it’s on ukulele, although unfortunately I can’t play it very well myself yet (SOMEDAY)

Casanova – Allie X

I don’t know why specifically, but I just really like the way this song sounds. It’s got a good beat and it’s just generally, well, good. Idk, but I like it.

You EP – dodie

LOML, DODIE CLARK, BLESS! I’ve been so hyped ever since dodie (with a lower case d, because Brand) announced her second EP, and I’m honestly obsessed, it’s so good!! I was lucky enough to see her live in March, and ever since I saw her perform In The Middle, I have been DYING for her to release it SOMEWHERE. I think it’s safe to say I was not disappointed by the professionally recorded version (such a jam), and all the other songs sound so lovely and beautiful too! Several of the songs on this EP bring back memories of seeing her live, which is just,,,, so happy and great.

Super Far – LANY

I keep finding LANY’s music in random playlists and I honestly really like it. It’s so chilled and so nice to listen to, and Super Far is no exception; I love it!

Glue – Fickle Friends

I’ve heard this on the radio quite a lot lately and it’s just such a jam! It’s got quite summery, dancey vibes which I really love, and it just sounds really great

What About Us – P!nk

P!NK IS BACK AND I AM LOVING LIFE! This song is so good and I love P!nk so so much, so I’m super excited that she’s back. I wonder what else she’ll release now aaaaaaah exite

Alaska – Maggie Rogers

I heard this song aaaages ago, as the music video was played before Wonder Woman when I saw it (gotta love fancy local theatres), but it never actually said what song it was, so when I found a cover of it recently and then looked up the original song because it seemed familiar, I was happy to find that this was the song I’d been wondering about for so long! It’s really nice and fun to listen to, so definitely worth the wait.

And that’s it! If you want to, you can listen on Spotify here.

I’d love to know what songs you’ve been enjoying recently, so feel free to leave me (and anyone else) any recommendations in the comments!

Elly xx

9 thoughts on “August 2017 – a playlist

    1. Yesss my loves I cry they’re beautiful!!!! And ayyy lemme know what you think!
      Yeah it’s strange but cool – although it’s only the one near me that does that. It’s either music videos or short films, but I suppose it makes a nice change from excessive adverts and trailers!

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  1. I see that we share a music taste! I also love Thomas Sanders, Dodie and honestly, the song ‘Mood’ by Emily Vaughn is a brand new favourite :)) Thanks for sharing this; I’m always up to discovering new music ❤

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