My baby blog is growing up!

Yoooooooo it’s me again after OVER TWO MONTHS (whoops)! Can I even call myself a blogger anymore? Yeah, soz for the extreme lack of posts – I went back to school and was like WAIT WHAT IS GOING ON because this new school year comes with the harsh reality that I have two actual GCSEs at…… Continue reading My baby blog is growing up!

August 2016 – A Playlist

Hey, it’s me again! I’m trying to do that blogging thing ayyy 😛 Since my last playlist post went down pretty well (it has 4 spotify followers and lots of people seem to just like it in general so ayyy), I decided I may as well do another one. All last month, I have been…… Continue reading August 2016 – A Playlist


Originally posted on aVeryAwkwardBlog:
[CLICK ON THE BANNER LINK FOR THE ORIGINAL POST] THE SORTING HAT HAS SPOKEN AND THE STUDENTS WHO WILL BE JOINING BLOGWARTS’ FIRST YEAR IN HUFFLEPOST ARE… Bookwormgirls123 – HUFFLEPOST HEAD OF HOUSE Elm – HUFFLEPOST PREFECT mahjabeen Lucia R Farah Edz MyCrazyObsession Bella Genesisthe1st 3liittlebirds tryingtosimplybe Elly TeenageNomadBlog Bibliophile Congratulations, new Huffleposts! Special congrats…

I Love… – Guest post from Victoria

Oh look, another post! A while back, I did a guest post on my lovely friend Victoria’s blog (link below), so in return she is now guest posting for me! She’s explained more below, so here’s her post! ALSO GO FOLLOW HER ON ALL THE THINGS BECAUSE SHE IS LOVELY AND GOOD AT BLOGGING (And don’t worry…… Continue reading I Love… – Guest post from Victoria

A Change Of Scenery

Hello, it’s me again after all this time (oops)! Did you miss me? 😛 I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while actually, but, me being me, I procrastinated, forgot, and just plain couldn’t be bothered to actually get round to it.  I’m such a great blogger clearly But, after over a week of…… Continue reading A Change Of Scenery

Conversations with friends

Recently I’ve been having some really great conversations with friends. The kind that leave me smiling for hours and even days because of how great the people are, and how happy the conversations made me. One of the conversations I have in mind happened very late at night with a close friend whose brain is…… Continue reading Conversations with friends

My favourite makeup products!

AYYYYY! It’s me, actually writing a blog post for once! Dunno what’s got into me, haha! Anyway, if you’ve been following me on Twitter for a while, you may have seen that I tweeted a little poll back in late March regarding doing a little post about my makeup collection: Since most people who replied…… Continue reading My favourite makeup products!

A Relaxing Playlist

Hey! So, I jumped on the bandwagon and today I have a little (well, kind of) playlist for you all! this is partly inspired by all the bloggers who have made their own playlists (including An Overthinking Teen, whose playlist got a tweet from the author of the book it was based on because she’s…… Continue reading A Relaxing Playlist