Conversations with friends

Recently I’ve been having some really great conversations with friends. The kind that leave me smiling for hours and even days because of how great the people are, and how happy the conversations made me.

One of the conversations I have in mind happened very late at night with a close friend whose brain is utterly brilliant at night, and the things she was saying we’re almost poetic. And I’m kind of in awe of that, since at night I don’t tend to make a lot of sense, so when my friend was saying all this I found it amazing. I took screenshots of the conversation to remind me, and as I write this I am smiling still, even though this was the other day. 

I also Skyped Elm for the first time today, and it completely made my day, especially since I’ve been ill so haven’t been able to do much. She’s so, so lovely, and having an actual conversation with her where I could hear her voice (which is so nice, if you didn’t already know) talking TO ME was really great, even if the first part was basically just us both screeching with excitement, haha 😁

I’ve had so many other great conversations recently too, with friends both on and offline, and I think they’ve just made me feel really appreciative of the people in my life, or at least more so than usual.

I know this is a very sentimental, emotional and rambly and even kind of cringy post, but I felt like it needed saying somewhere, and what better place than here, hey?

xx Elly xx


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