August 2017 – a playlist

Well hello again, I guess I’m momentarily back from my 3-ish-month blogging slump, so here’s my playlist for last month (as mentioned in my previous post)! As usual with my playlists, there’s quite a mix of different songs, but I hope you enjoy! Even If It’s a Lie – Matt Maltese I was first introduced…… Continue reading August 2017 – a playlist

December 2016 – playlist

Hello m8s and welcome to… ANOTHER POST (WHAAAAT?!) Posting more than once in the space of, uh, a month? I don’t know what’s got into me either, don’t worry. So yeah, you know that whole monthly playlist thing I tried and then haven’t posted about since August (wow what a great blogger I am)? I…… Continue reading December 2016 – playlist

August 2016 – A Playlist

Hey, it’s me again! I’m trying to do that blogging thing ayyy 😛 Since my last playlist post went down pretty well (it has 4 spotify followers and lots of people seem to just like it in general so ayyy), I decided I may as well do another one. All last month, I have been…… Continue reading August 2016 – A Playlist

A Relaxing Playlist

Hey! So, I jumped on the bandwagon and today I have a little (well, kind of) playlist for you all! this is partly inspired by all the bloggers who have made their own playlists (including An Overthinking Teen, whose playlist got a tweet from the author of the book it was based on because she’s…… Continue reading A Relaxing Playlist

Monthly Favourites – June and July

Helloooooo! Ages ago, I decided I wanted to start a monthly favourites feature on my blog, but I haven’t actually done one since my first one. (Ooopsie!) Because of this, I’m combining two months in this post! So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite things from June and July! 1. Shut Up…… Continue reading Monthly Favourites – June and July

Music Monday by SAWTS: Nostalgia

Hello! Sorry for the brief unannounced hiatus last week!  I was on holiday and had neither the time nor brain power to write any posts.  BUT I’M BACK NOW! 😀 Since it’s Monday (I actually had to check then…), I thought that I’d do Bridget’s Music Monday again, as I really enjoyed it last time! …… Continue reading Music Monday by SAWTS: Nostalgia

Music Monday by SAWTS: Girl Power!

Hi, Badgers! Today, I thought I’d have a go at yet another new thing.  And, guess what, it’s a link-up too! 😛 Anyway, last Monday, Bridget of Stay and Watch the Stars posted her first ever Music Monday link-up.  She invented this herself and I really liked it so thought I’d have a go! 🙂 In Bridget’s…… Continue reading Music Monday by SAWTS: Girl Power!

(very late) May Favourites!

Hello, Badgers! A while ago, in May, I decided that sometime near the start of the next month I wanted to do a monthly favourites post.  Now, I know it’s rather late, but now I have the time I am going to get round to it! 1. Hole in my heart by Luke Friend My mum showed…… Continue reading (very late) May Favourites!