My baby blog is growing up!

Yoooooooo it’s me again after OVER TWO MONTHS (whoops)! Can I even call myself a blogger anymore?

Yeah, soz for the extreme lack of posts – I went back to school and was like WAIT WHAT IS GOING ON because this new school year comes with the harsh reality that I have two actual GCSEs at the end of this school year and that means stress, confusion, and lots of do I really have to m8 I just need sleep, leading to me being an actual terrible blogger and not even being able to schedule stuff because I have 0 ideas ahaha help

But don’t worry, this post isn’t going to be an annoying help-me-I’m-too-stressed thing, because I actually have some ~super exciting news~ to share:

M8S MY BLOG IS TWO!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday (21st November) was the second anniversary of me making this blog, which is so exciting for me because since when have I been able to keep something up for this long? Quite a lot has happened since I created this, both in my life and on the blog itself, so I thought what better time to do a little bit of a recap? (Also thanks to Eve for the suggestion ily)

Let’s start with more obvious stuff…

For a start, the design of my blog has changed a couple of times since I first created it. If I remember correctly, my first ever blog ‘theme’ was Writr (which can be seen on the lovely L’s blog, if you’re curious). I did (and still do) like how that one looks, however I just didn’t think it was very me. Too professional looking I guess? Idk. Either way, I’ve changed it multiple times since! I’m pretty sure I used Sela (like The Feministas) for a while, and then I may well have used others too, but I’m currently using Saga, and I really quite like it. It’s very post-orientated, and I like being able to tuck all my widgets away so that it doesn’t look overly messy and people aren’t forced to look at all the random things I have on there (idk what half of them are anymore if I’m honest). I’m also pretty happy with my header image, which was surprisingly easy to make, and the overall colour scheme of everything! 😀

I think I’d say my overall blog content has changed a fair bit too. My posts have become less fandom-orientated and more central to me and what’s going on in my life. I think it is nice to have my blog as a sort of outlet for my ramblings, and recounting things that I like/ have done is nice to look back on. It’s also really fun to be able to relate to and talk to other people through my posts, which is why I always love comments and try to reply whenever I can! Obviously I still enjoy fandom posts, but often they’ve been done before and/or I have literally no ideas other than ASFNSDKBJS I LOVE IT or EW I HATE IT so I don’t tend to do them as much, although I am v tempted to write about Fantastic Beasts because ASBUJFBSJBCJSBJKN SO GOOD NEEDS FLAILING ABOUT so if you’d like that lemme know pls.

But what about me?

Well evidently I’ve changed in two years. It’s odd to think that when I started this blog, I was twelve (it feels so much younger omg), and I feel like I’ve changed a lot. This is probably a lot due to using the internet more, so, uh… thanks blog?

But honestly, the internet can be really great. I’m so much more informed about so many things now than I was this time two years ago, and I’ve made so many amazing friends that I would probably never have spoken to if it hadn’t been for this blog (more on them later). I have kind of become a bit of a walking meme (gotta love the awkward finger guns), but I’ve learnt to embrace that and even poke fun at myself when I’m being particularly odd. And tbh, I don’t mind being a bit odd because my friends are the same and it’s much more fun that way, haha 😛

And who have I met?

Omg, so many people, and I love them all very much. Through blogging, I have made some of the greatest friends ever and I just want to give them all a big hug and say thank you for being so wonderful. A lot of these friends are thanks to The Blog Squad (currently named ‘Unicorn Squad’ with emojis and everything bc swag), which I am so thankful for and that wouldn’t exist without Elm and An Overthinking Teen  who are both SO BRILLIANT! Obviously there are other friends I have made through the blog, whether directly or not, but I love each and every one of you guys very much and ONE DAY I WILL HUG YOU OK

I’ve also found so many inspirations in the blogging community, from people who take the most gorgeous pictures that I could only dream of achieving, to people who are just so brave and kind and lovely and amazing. The blogging community is so diverse and interesting and really inspiring to me.

And overall I just want to say thank you

to everyone that’s supported me these past two years. Who’s commented, liked, followed, shared, and talked to me. I love you all and you have made my blogging experience so much better than if you hadn’t have been there. Thank you ❤

xx Elly xx

33 thoughts on “My baby blog is growing up!

  1. WOO, YAY ELLY!! I feel like every milestone is an excuse for us all to flail over the Squad 😛 I’ve loved seeing my favourite bean growing up on this blog, and I’m so excited to see more! Proud of you, bae ♥♥♥

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  2. AHHH HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY LOVELY! Your blog is amazing and so are you! ❤ glad to see you (sort of?) back! I miss our tumblr chats- sadly I do not have it until about May 😦

    Liked by 2 people

  3. MY DUDE YAY HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAAAY! 😀 I am very sorry for being slightly late haha, but I bring awkward finger guns. Because every situation is better with awkward finger guns. AND SAME I WAS SO YOUNG WHEN I STARTED BLOGGING OMG. The internet has invaded my life ahaha. (But also I still do feel very young, so.)
    Aaah hurrah for the blog squad and recaps too! Just in general MANY GOOD VIBES and CAPITALISATION YO *nods enthusiastically*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHHH THANK YOU EVE!! The awkward finger guns are much accepted thank u
      It is so weird being one of the younger ones it’s like WHY IS EVERYONE SO OLD WHY AM I AN ACTUAL CHILD AHH but also people are lovely especially the blog squad ayyyy

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The people are the most amazing thing to experience. Who would’ve thought that by doing something as simple as unloading your feelings and being creative online would allow us to interact and get to know so many influential people 😀

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