I Love… – Guest post from Victoria

Oh look, another post!

A while back, I did a guest post on my lovely friend Victoria’s blog (link below), so in return she is now guest posting for me! She’s explained more below, so here’s her post! ALSO GO FOLLOW HER ON ALL THE THINGS BECAUSE SHE IS LOVELY AND GOOD AT BLOGGING (And don’t worry Victoria you’re not annoying and argumentative k luv u)

xx Elly xx

(If you are interested in guest posting you can contact me via any of the links on this page)

Hi everyone, Victoria here from Addlepates and Book Nerds! This is a post to say thank you to my wonderful Elly bean for doing a guest post on my blog. Yeah, it was ages ago, I’m very unorganised…

I asked bloggers to come and talk about things they love on my blog, so I thought I’d do the same for them. Other than reading, which is the obvious, I love to discuss the world. Wait, wait, hear me out! I take a class at school where we analyse the media, mainly movies. As an extension, there’s a small group of us that discuss the main issues of the world. I’ll be doing my essay on the black lives matter movement, but we’ve also talked about the backlash to Pokemon Go, victim blaming in rape culture with the woman raped by the college swimmer, all the shootings that have happened recently, as well as broader things, like the representation of women in gaming, the problem with stereotyping, and general feminism, racism, homophobia, etc. This is an hour and a half (longer depending on the topic) where we sit, and we talk. It’s basically the highlight of my week.

One of the reasons this is so wonderful is because of the education we’re all getting. People aren’t all loving and accepting all the time, even if we think we are. It’s this class that made me actually understand trans people. We explained that “How can she complain about the rape if she was unconscious? She won’t remember it” (I KNOW) is a terrible problem. There are small things, and there are extremes, and we discuss and analyse every little comment that’s being made, and how it affects other people. It’s a rare thing where people can sit and discuss the world without being criticised for it, which is sad.

This class has just given me a taste for it, though. I’ve become one of those annoying people that argues on the internet, but I don’t even mind. I LOVE getting into a discussion about something stupid someone has said. If they get overly angry, I try to leave, but they do sometimes end with both of us being more educated. My Twitter friends on the Blog Squad often talk about awful things that are happening, and I think it’s so important we aren’t sitting there sticking our heads in the sand and hoping it’ll all go away. I made a video on my YouTube channel that sparked a MASSIVE debate. I got a lot of hate, but I’m trying to focus on all the people who helped change my opinion, or opinions I changed.

Maybe I’m just annoying and argumentative. But I really try not be! I just find other people fascinating, and I honestly want to pick apart their brains and find out what everyone thinks on every little topic. Is that problematic? Maybe. Probably…

If you want to discuss with me, please do! I want to know your thoughts on every topic. You can find me on Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram, Bookstagram, YouTube, and of course my blog!


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