February Faves – Playlist

So I’ve been away for two months (oops) but now I’m BACK. (at least for now)

Aaaaand what better way to come back from an excessively long absence than with a playlist? Who doesn’t love a good old playlist tbh

There is quite a range of genres and stuff this time but anyone who has seen any of my playlists before will know my music taste is ODD, but who cares! On to the playlist – here’s a collection of songs I was loving throughout February!

Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack – Various artists

One of my friends from panto introduced me to this musical and omg,,, it’s so cute and beautiful and I am DEAD. I just wish I could actually see it but alas, no money 😦 (I can dream at least)

Steady 1234 – Vice ft. Jasmine Thompson

Not usually my genre but this is a JAM tbh

Medicine – Daughter

I heard this song (albeit sped up a little) on one of Caitlin‘s Instagram posts a little while ago and it’s so prettyyyy I love it lots

How Would You Feel (Paean) – Ed Sheeran

THIS SONG. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. AND NOW THE ALBUM IS OUT AND JUST,,, I’m very in love with Ed Sheeran’s music can u tell

Red – Reagan James

This song was on my Discover Weekly playlist (gotta love Spotify) at some point, and although I can’t really tell what she’s saying I really like how it sounds

Talk Too Much (Patrick Stump remix) – COIN

I’m not usually one for remixes, but this was on Thomas Sanders’ February playlist and it’s fab

The Hamilton Mixtape – Various artists

HAMILTON YES LADSSSS but this time it’s DIFFERENT PEOPLE and I LOVE IT! The cover of Burn is BEAUTIFUL, and I love that song anyway (omg the feels)

Shape of You (Stormzy remix) – Ed Sheeran

Usually I’m not a huge fan of Stormzy and also I reallyreally love Ed, BUT oddly this works?? And I really like it??? It’s good

That’s all for February’s favourites! You can find the playlist on Spotify here

If you give it a listen, I’d love to hear what you think! What songs have you been loving recently? Lemme know!

xx Elly xx


27 thoughts on “February Faves – Playlist

  1. I’ve only listened to Dear Evan Hansen once, because Ed Sheeran then took over my life, I need to go back and listen again! But ED THOUGH, I’m obsessed! I need to listen to that remix obviously 🙂

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              1. Oh you can just join with your personal Facebook and share links to your wordpress, that’s what our community does 🙂


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