I met a blogger!!

Hellooo! I may have been absent for over a month again (oops) but I am back again, this time with MUCH EXCITEMENT!

If you’re following him (which you totally should be) you’ll likely already know this, but last week I met the very lovely L. Since I have no money and London is expensive, he came all the way up to Leeds for the day and I met him there. Despite me blogging for over two years now, this was the first time I’ve ever actually met up with a blogger (perks of being the lonely northerner, eh?) so I was SUPER HYPED. I’m still incredibly thankful to L for travelling up here, because the day was FAB!

I met L at the train station, and after the initial excitement of OMG IT’S YOU AAH was over, we headed off to do a bit of shopping and just have a bit of a wander around the city. We went to Costa first of all, where I managed to force convince L to let me pay for his coffee because it was theย least I could do to compensate for train fares.

After we’d finished our drinks, we had a wander around the shops and each boughtย a few things throughout the day. We scoured for bags for L, but nowhere had the sort of bag he needed – for a decent price at least (*cough*M&S*cough*)ย – but ah well. You’d have thought with so many shops there would be at least one bag that was alright!

For lunch we went to Caffรจ Nero, where Iย reluctantly agreed to let him pay for part of mine, then set off again for more shopping/walking. Safe to say my feet hurt A LOT by the end of the day!

Obviously the day eventually had to end, and I hugged and said goodbye to L before he went to find his train and I went to mine. I had so, so much fun, and I am so grateful that L took the time to come up to ‘The North’! It was lovely to finally meet him – he’s a lovely person and, again, if you’re not following him what are you doing?? Maybe one day I’ll have enough money to go to London ๐Ÿ˜›

L also did a post on his visit, which you can read here ๐Ÿ™‚

xx Elly xx


28 thoughts on “I met a blogger!!

  1. It was a fabfabfab day — I’m so glad(/relieved) that you enjoyed it as much as I did!! We have to do it again some time(?)!
    Also I got first like, first comment and first Twitter like yaaay

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  2. Hey! I just found your blog and I have found it really interesting. I obsess over fandoms too and I have posted about some of them on my own blog. I rant A LOT, and I would like someone to see it. If you feel like it please check out my blog and tell my what you think ๐Ÿ™‚

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