I met a blogger!!

Hellooo! I may have been absent for over a month again (oops) but I am back again, this time with MUCH EXCITEMENT!

If you’re following him (which you totally should be) you’ll likely already know this, but last week I met the very lovely L. Since I have no money and London is expensive, he came all the way up to Leeds for the day and I met him there. Despite me blogging for over two years now, this was the first time I’ve ever actually met up with a blogger (perks of being the lonely northerner, eh?) so I was SUPER HYPED. I’m still incredibly thankful to L for travelling up here, because the day was FAB!

I met L at the train station, and after the initial excitement of OMG IT’S YOU AAH was over, we headed off to do a bit of shopping and just have a bit of a wander around the city. We went to Costa first of all, where I managed to force convince L to let me pay for his coffee because it was the least I could do to compensate for train fares.

After we’d finished our drinks, we had a wander around the shops and each bought a few things throughout the day. We scoured for bags for L, but nowhere had the sort of bag he needed – for a decent price at least (*cough*M&S*cough*) – but ah well. You’d have thought with so many shops there would be at least one bag that was alright!

For lunch we went to Caffè Nero, where I reluctantly agreed to let him pay for part of mine, then set off again for more shopping/walking. Safe to say my feet hurt A LOT by the end of the day!

Obviously the day eventually had to end, and I hugged and said goodbye to L before he went to find his train and I went to mine. I had so, so much fun, and I am so grateful that L took the time to come up to ‘The North’! It was lovely to finally meet him – he’s a lovely person and, again, if you’re not following him what are you doing?? Maybe one day I’ll have enough money to go to London 😛

L also did a post on his visit, which you can read here 🙂

xx Elly xx

30 thoughts on “I met a blogger!!

  1. It was a fabfabfab day — I’m so glad(/relieved) that you enjoyed it as much as I did!! We have to do it again some time(?)!
    Also I got first like, first comment and first Twitter like yaaay

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  2. That sounds great! I’ve never met a blogger. It’d be so surreal … I live in Ireland though and I haven’t met another blogger who lives in the same couldn’try even 😕

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  3. Oh wow… It’s really awesome that you got to meet a fellow blogger! I’ve never met a blogger myself and I think its really cool that you did! I’m glad you guys had a great time!

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  4. Hey! I just found your blog and I have found it really interesting. I obsess over fandoms too and I have posted about some of them on my own blog. I rant A LOT, and I would like someone to see it. If you feel like it please check out my blog and tell my what you think 🙂

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