December 2016 – playlist

Hello m8s and welcome to… ANOTHER POST (WHAAAAT?!)

Posting more than once in the space of, uh, a month? I don’t know what’s got into me either, don’t worry.

So yeah, you know that whole monthly playlist thing I tried and then haven’t posted about since August (wow what a great blogger I am)? I have another one for you! I have still been making monthly playlists, just not posting them on here (oops) sooo if you’re interested you can find them on my Spotify buuut I thought whilst I have time I should probably actually post one. You know, because I’m so nice to you all.

But anyway, without further ado: here’s my playlist for December 2016!

  • Siren – April

  • Circles – machineheart

  • Boys Will Be Boys – Benny

  • The entire Hamilton soundtrack (I am now trash it is brilliant)

  • New Bohemia – Transviolet

  • Drunk – Ed Sheeran

  • One Day I’ll Fly Away – Vaults

  • Tidal Wave – EVVY

  • Crazy in love (BBC session) – Oh Wonder

I found quite a few of these songs on Thomas Sanders’ December 2016 playlist, which you should definitely listen to as it’s very good!

If you want to listen to my playlist, the link is here! I have also listened to a lot of musical soundtracks recently, and have made a playlist of various ones (also on my Spotify), so if you want to recommend me any more musicals to listen to (preferably ones that make sense with just the soundtrack) then please do because aaaah I love musicals so much they’re brilliant AAAAAH

I hope you enjoyed this playlist!! Feel free to recommend me any songs that you have been enjoying recently, and let me know what you think of my choices if you so wish!

xx Elly xx

12 thoughts on “December 2016 – playlist

  1. Ooh thanks for this post – I love Ed Sheehan and Vault. I’m not sure about recommendations for musicals – I’m into Phantom of the Opera at the mo, but you’ve probably already checked that out so I’m not sure 😀 xxx

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    1. Aww thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it!! And aaaah I’ve had about a million recommendations for Phantom of the Opera so I’ll definitely have to listen to it at some point!

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  2. OOH I NEED TO CHECK ALLLL YOUR PLAYLISTS ON SPOTIFY AAH. I don’t know a bunch of these songs, although my friend played me Boys Will Be Boys the other day. OOH MUSICALS OKAY if I haven’t already recced these to you, which I probably have, then: The Great Comet of 1812, Fun Home and perhaps Phantom of the Opera if you’re feeling Classic(tm). ahahahaha musicaaaals (also spring awakening is excellent!!! although not available on uk spotify alas, but there are some a+ songs on youtube as well as some Deaf West performances which are worth it just for the staging and choreography tbh)

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  3. Omggg I just checked out your playlist and the songs I’ve listened to so far are SOOO brilliant!!! And yasss musicals are FAAAB! You should definitely check out Phantom of the Opera and I agree with Eve, Spring Awakening is also fantastic! x

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