Back to school / sixth form clothing haul

Hello again!!

I start sixth form tomorrow, which is scary, but you know what makes up for that? The fact that I can wear my own clothes to school instead of an uncomfortable, unflattering uniform! Only problem is, I needed to stock up on clothes since I didn’t want to be wearing the same 5 things over and over, because all I ever really wear are jeans and t-shirts, and even then I could’ve done with a few more t-shirts just for variation. So, I did a bit of shopping.

Ok, maybe more like a LOT of shopping. But it was worth it!

I mentioned in my last post that I might do a haul, and quite a few of you said you’d be up for that, so here it is! I’ve included where I bought everything and how much they were, so you know where to go if you want to have a look yourself 🙂

Also just something to keep in mind – my sixth form doesn’t have a particular dress code, so some of these things may not work if you have a ‘business wear’ dress code, like I know some sixth forms do.

Grey cardigan – M&S Outlet – £25


This cardigan is sooooo soft, and I have a feeling I’ll be virtually living in it when the weather starts to cool down properly! It’s a really nice length, coming to just above my knee, which means it’s extra warm and lovely. Plus, it has pockets!! Only thing is that it doesn’t have buttons, so that’s something to keep in mind, but it doesn’t bother me.

Yellow shirt – Select Outlet – £11.99


I got this for days when I just want to be a little bit smarter, as it just looks that bit nicer. The material isn’t too see-through which is a plus, and the sleeves can be rolled up (like in the picture) or left long depending on how you like them. I also love the colour!

Nike trainers – Nike Outlet – £10

These trainers were an absolute bargain, and they’re really comfortable! I got these for when I’m doing dance in musical theatre, as the soles are white so won’t mark the floor, but they’re also just nice trainers in general.

Skinny jeans – Gap Outlet – £26.99


These jeans are super soft and comfy, and they fit really nicely as well! They’re fairly high-waisted but not overly so, and they just look and feel really nice. Plus, they were another great bargain as they were 30% off the outlet price!

Grey t-shirt – Gap Outlet – £8.09


I wanted to get some basic t-shirts that I could wear with pretty much anything, and this one was super soft. Usually I size up in t-shirts to get a looser fit, but this one was quite oversized already and so I didn’t have to.

Yellow v-neck t-shirt – Gap Outlet – £7.01


Another basic t-shirt, but this time in yellow, because sometimes you just want some colour! This one isn’t as long as the grey one, but it’s still a nice loose fit and I didn’t have to size up, and the material is really nice and comfortable.

Black v-neck t-shirt – Gap Outlet – £7.09


This t-shirt was a little more fitted than the other two, so I did size up to get a more comfortable, looser fit, but as with the others, the material is really nice and it’ll go with a lot of things!

Black and white long sleeved tops – Primark – £3.50 each


I also wanted to pick up some basic long-sleeved tops for when it gets a bit colder, so I picked up a black and a white one from Primark. There’s not much to say about them since they’re just plain tops, but I will say that I find Primark long sleeves to actually fit my arms, which is not something I can say for every brand! One thing to watch out for in Primark at the moment, though, is their new sizing. There were charts up around the shop but you’ve just got to double check that you’re getting the right size, and not what you used to get!

Black belt – Primark – £2


I say that about sizing because I actually forgot and ended up buying a belt in the same size as one I already have that is slightly too big for me (oops). It still mostly fits, I just could’ve done with the size below, but it’s not too big a deal as it was only £2 and I’ll still probably get some use out of it when the one I bought first gives up!

Socks – Primark – £2.50 for a set of 7 pairs


I always seem to run out of socks, so I thought I’d pick some more up. I’ve bought the ‘shoe liners’ from Primark before and they’re comfy and have lasted well, so I got some more of them in some fairly plain colours so they’ll go with everything!

Trainers – New Look – £7


When it comes to shoes, I pretty much exclusively wear my Converse, so I thought I’d get these just to add a bit of variation, as well as to give me some non-canvas shoes to wear if it’s particularly rainy. Since they’re white they’ll pretty much go with everything, but the green laces just make them look a little more interesting. They’re also really comfy, and £7 is a bargain!

Black cord pinafore dress – New Look – £22.99


I’ve been wanting a pinafore dress for a while because I just think they look really cute, and this one is really nice! It’s a nice length – not super short or super long – and fits really nicely, and the best part is – IT HAS POCKETS!

Burgundy denim A-line skirt – New Look – £19.99


This skirt fits really nicely and is a good length, and I love the rose gold buttons down the front! The buttons mean it’s easy to get on as well, especially since the waist isn’t elasticated. The colour is also gorgeous – I love burgundy and I think it’ll look really lovely and autumnal.

Black stripy trousers – H&M – £14.99


I have been on the hunt for a pair of trousers that I actually like for a really long time, and finally I’ve found some! With pockets! These are really comfy but still look fairly smart, and the stripy pattern just looks really snazzy. They’re also quite high-waisted, which I really like! Like Primark, H&M have also changed their sizing, so again that’s something to watch out for!

NASA crop top – H&M – £6.99


I know I always say I don’t like science, but NASA gets a pass because space is cool, ok? I really like the colour of this top, and the fit of it is nice too! Even though it’s a crop top, it’s not super super cropped, so I can wear it with high-waisted jeans and it’ll just look nice. It’s quite a loose fit, so I didn’t have to size up in it.

Basic stripy t-shirt – H&M – £3.99


I own a fair few stripy tops already (what can I say? I like stripes), but this one was only 4 quid so I couldn’t NOT pick it up. I sized up to get a looser fit and it’s really nice, and you can’t go wrong with a stripy t-shirt!

(another) Stripy t-shirt – H&M – £6.99


More stripes, oops. But also not oops because this one’s different, so there. I like how this has the red around the sleeves and neck, because it just makes it a bit different to just any old stripy top. Again, I sized up in this to get a slightly looser fit.

Tartan pleated skirt – Asda – £14


I wasn’t 100% sure about this at first, but I actually think this is really cute. I really like the tartan print, and the pleats look cute too!

Denim jacket – charity shop – £8.99


An extra little bargain find was this denim jacket which I got from a charity shop. I’ve been looking for a denim jacket for quite a while, but they’re so expensive to buy new, so I trawled through some charity shops and eventually found this. It’s nice and oversized but not so big it swamps me, and the pockets are actually real since it’s a men’s one (lol).

And that brings us to the end of this haul! I hope you enjoyed reading – let me know in the comments what you thought!

Thanks for reading!

xx Elly  xx


6 thoughts on “Back to school / sixth form clothing haul

  1. Ahh you got some really good bargains there!! I love the pinafore and skirts – they will look so cute in the autumn and you can pair them with lots of different tops! Also THINGS WITH POCKETS AHHH!! Loved the clothing haul and good luck with starting sixth form 🙂

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  2. All of these are so cute!! I especially love the yellow shirt and pinafore dress. And YAY for pockets – I bought a red dress from H&M which had pockets and it makes me so happy because I can put all my stuff in there haha. What a bargain for the lovely denim jacket as well ayy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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