Writer’s block.

I don’t write as much as I want to at the moment.

And I find that quite annoying because I do enjoy writing – I enjoy blogging, I enjoy creative writing and that sort of thing – but I struggle to find time, I guess. It’s just really irritating for me because I do want to write – I just don’t actually write.

I have this problem where I’ll have time but no ideas, or ideas but no time. It’s pretty much always like that and I don’t quite know why it always happens to me. Like, I could sit for literally hours on end and tell myself that I’m going to write and just have no ideas whatsoever. I can look at prompts but often I struggle because then I start crafting this scene in my head – and it’s only a small part – but I can’t for the life of me get it down properly in words because it’s mostly just dialogue and images, and it’s so frustrating because I just don’t know what to do about it all.

It’s like I’m just in an almost constant state of writer’s block and I can’t escape. It’s really bad because I want to write and I want to have this sort of physical evidence of my thoughts and this just doesn’t happen when I want it to. It’s all well and good plotting in my head but if I can’t get it out then what good is it?

But then I find on those rare occasions when I do end up writing something I don’t like it, or I’ll start writing something and just leave it because I can’t think what should come next – like I mentioned earlier, I tend to be able to think of ‘scenes’ but nothing more than that. I have multiple notes  on my phone full of ideas and prompts and tiny snippets of writing, but never full pieces of writing (save for a few terrible late-night poems).

It just frustrates me really because I do wish I could write better or just really sort myself out and find time for writing and actually get ideas. But then again even if I have an idea given to me, for example if I have to write something for school or whatever, I do still struggle to get properly on board with the idea. I find only certain ideas really ‘click’ with me and in order to write something I’m happy with I do really have to be involved with the idea it’s coming from. I guess I really struggle to find the motivation for ideas that I don’t think are ~absolutely brilliant~ because they just don’t interest me? People always say ‘write what you would want to read’ and I do think that’s good advice because it’s those times when I would want to read a story about a specific idea when I am most involved in writing, but I can never either find/ come up with ideas like that, or I can come up with a bit but not enough.

One thing that annoys me about myself is that I tend to get ideas at night because my brain is so clever and only wakes up at around 9pm, but then I can’t work on them because by that time I tend to be trying to sleep because of school or something the next day. This is frustrating to think about because I know I’m getting these ideas (some of them are pretty decent) but by the time I can actually expand on them the idea has gone and I don’t know where I was going, despite writing down the basics or a little snippet. I find I have to work on an idea in the moment and really get everything set out and have a good basis there before I can leave and come back to it at a later time. Getting things down as soon as I think of them is so much easier than later on because things are fresh in my memory and I can write as I visualise which is much more convenient for me. I hate to admit it, but if I’m writing over a long period of time I really do just get bored of the idea and then I lose my motivation and we’re back to square one. That, or I’ll just end up telling myself that what I’ve written so far is terrible and there’s no point carrying on, or worse – that the idea has been done before and I’m literally just loosely copying the plot of That Book I Read That One Time.

I hate not being able to write because I enjoy writing and I don’t want it to become some deathly chore for me. I hate that I can have these ideas and construct things in my head but by the time I get to writing it all down it’s too late and reads less like a piece of fiction and more like just speaking with the odd few words in between (like a script? But with no stage directions or anything). And I’m just stuck in this sense of writer’s block that is inescapable.

I’m sorry this hasn’t been a particularly happy post, but it is just something that has been on my mind lately, especially with all this free time in my summer holidays from school. I guess it’s sort of an explanation for my severe lack of posting (there’s a good chance you won’t get another post for a while again now whoops), although it did more touch on the creative writing side of things.

So yeah, I’m a little annoyed with myself and my writing abilities (or lack thereof) at the moment. Thanks for reading!

xx Elly xx


32 thoughts on “Writer’s block.

  1. Don’t worry, we all suck at writing sometimes, especially if we have to or feel the need that we have to. Whatever it is in your mind write it down and DO NOT judge it. You cannot write the perfect story/poem whatever from scratch. It’s enough to write down your basic ideas and come back later to flesh them out. Even if it’s all dialogue with some stage direction you can still rewrite into some prose, adding some descriptions etc. Whenever you write just a scene and want to go from there imagine into what kind of story it would fit. Then ask yourself how someone got into the situation described in your scene (before) and how they get out of the situation (after) and why they need to be involved in the situation in the first place. Pretty soon, you’ll have a plot. Good luck!
    On a more general note, you HAVE to suck at writing before you can improve because you have to know what you’re doing wrong before you can do it right. Write, write, write, get feedback and write some more. You can do it! Good luck, again!! 🙂

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    1. Aww, thank you so much! Again, there is still the problem of not being able to come back to writing after I haven’t really fleshed it out that much (wording things is HARD), but I will definitely keep your advice in mind for future reference. Thank you again, honestly, I think I needed that 🙂

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      1. You can always come back to what you’ve written and work on it. It does not necessarily go in the direction you intended but that doesn’t mean it’s bad or not worth pursuing. Just give it a go! If you want to, you can send me your writing and I’ll let you know what I think. Maybe it’ll help you!

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  2. Aww, Elly bean! I can completely relate, I don’t when the last time I did fictional writing was. I get ideas in the shower a lot too! I’d maybe recommend going for a walk, that sort of relaxing activity is meant to open your brain or something weird. Good luck, hopefully you’re cured soon!

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    1. But waaaaaaaalking. I do not have time or motivation (lol). I’m glad it’s not just me who feels like this though! It’s frustrating but AGH WHAT CAN WE DO
      I also get ideas in the shower occasionally and it’s like ‘y u do dis I can’t actually type now’. Sad times 😦

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  3. It`s always nice to see that a new post is up on your blog, Elly! I`d say that even if you don`t like whatever you`re writing, KEEP writing. You never know where you`re going. Also, write down even those “not so brilliant” ideas because let`s face it – they might turn out to be brilliant? Whenever you feel like it, write something down. Something is better than nothing, as you`ll only be able to improve your writing if you keep writing. I hope you figure it out, Elly. And please do blog again soon!! 😀

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    1. Aww, thanks, that’s really sweet of you! I am starting to try and write stuff down when I can now, but AGH WRITING IS SO DIFFICULT!
      I’ll try to blog again soon, but like, I start school next week and idk what’ll happen

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      1. Even if it`s just a sentence – write it down. 🙂 The more you write, the better. Writing down an idea is anyways better than completely forgetting it, haha. Also, maybe you could schedule some posts or put of some time every week to blog for the next days? I`m sure many others enjoy reading your posts!!

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  4. I can relate to this quite a lot. Even though I post on my blog fairly regularly, I rarely have motivation to actually write or I just can’t seem to do any of my ideas justice so give up on them quite easily. But don’t put your writing abilities down though! I often finish writing a post and think ‘omg what the hell even is this load of rubbish I’ve just wrote’ but I think that’s only natural as if we’re writing about the same topic, we’re bound to get bored of it eventually. However that doesn’t mean that everyone else will find it boring! I think part of getting rid of writers block is to have more confidence in your writing. It’s all very well writing stuff down whenever you have an idea but unless you have confidence that that idea is going to turn into something beautiful, it’s not going to help. I’d say that whenever you do write something, always give that idea the potential to become something wonderful. Maybe it’s not quite right yet, but jot it down, think it over in your head for a few days and eventually it will click. It’s all about linking ideas and inspiration together to develop your original idea into something bigger and more complete. Sometimes I can think of an idea for a post – like for example a while ago I thought ‘hmm I could write about reading French Harry Potter’ but the idea didn’t really strike me as something blog-worthy at first. Then a few days ago whilst doing some French homework, I suddenly thought I could include reading French HP in a post about learning languages and I’ll hopefully be writing that post in the next few days. So basically, don’t beat yourself up about it! Lots of people experience writers block but the trick is to NOT see it as an obstacle to writing, because writers block has a nasty habit of making you shoot down any ideas you get because in its opinion, you can’t possibly write whilst suffering from writers block. Try to forget about the fact that you’ve been struggling to write recently whilst thinking of new ideas and not let it stop you from pursuing new writing adventures. Sorry if that was rambly and didn’t make much sense – I was always find it hard to put advice into intelligible sentences, especially on the subject of writers block, haha. 🙂

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    1. Awww, thank you, Em, that’s actually really good! I’ll definitely keep that in mind next time! I’m just so self-critical and I do need to stop (I’M TRYING IT’S HARD) but I get what you mean. POSITIVITY YAY! I suppose you’re right about finding your own writing boring though; I guess when you know what it is and when you’ve read it through multiple times it does become less exciting – it’s just convincing my brain that everyone else doesn’t think the same!
      Don’t worry about the spelling, the edit button has sorted that 😉
      Thank you again!! xx


  5. I know I’ll say this a lot, but I really do understand. You kind of feel helpless, because you can’t write anything even when you love it. I have the same with songwriting. But enough about me: you should never apologise for writing a post like this. You need to get your thoughts out, but it’s important to realise that we are going to be here to support you. The most important thing here is to never pressure yourself. If you can’t write right now, you can’t write; don’t force it even if it makes you feel guilty over not writing. You need to wait until you feel a little better.
    We love you and no matter what you post, or when you post, we’ll always be here

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    1. Aww Elm you made me cry that was so sweet! Thank you so much – I’m kind of glad I’m not on my own and thank you for the advice. I’ll definitely try and remember and not get too frustrated. Thank you so much again ❤

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  6. Hey, don’t worry about not knowing what to write – it happens to the best of us. If it helps, don’t feel like you *need* to write something, think of it as something you feel like doing. You are not obligated to post something if you do not know what to post about, this is your blog and you have control over when you can write.
    I hope you find inspiration soon, we’ll be there to read it as soon as you’re ready. 🙂

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  7. I REALLY FEEL THIS. I always get ideas as I’m about to go to sleep — like, that’s literally when I am most productive. I go to sleep earlier in order to think. Which is literally insane.
    I sort of…go through periods of creativity? Like, currently I am in a NO WRITING AT ALL NOPE NUH-UH. I’m supposed to be working on a project but I just don’t have the enthusiasm for it and I don’t know where to take it. Yeah. Idk…sometimes working on less conventional things helps me out a little? In the past scrolling through things like nosebleedclub on tumblr have given me some ideas. Or, like, fanfiction. Because if I write actual fiction my brain tells me IT MUST BE PERFECT.
    (These are the random things which I try but haven’t been working lately. But yeah…I really related to this post. I really hope you find a way to write and enjoy it sometime in the future.)

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    1. Awww, I hope you can write more soon too! I might have to check out that tumblr (what do they post? I have tumblr now so I can follow ALL THE THINGS including you ayyy), but I’ve never really tried writing because I struggle to really ~get~ other people’s characters enough? Idk.
      Same about the ideas before sleeping though. My brain legit doesn’t properly wake up until night time and it’s like ‘y u do dis to me?’ And then I’m too tired to write and school and AGH EVERYTHING IS ANNOYING! I do also kinda go through periods of creativity occasionally, but not often enough, sadly 😦
      I hope you can get your project done in time and that you can write more again! You are v good at writing 🙂


      1. Hopefully these mutual ‘let’s-actually-write-stuff’ vibes will result in something! They have a bunch of different resources (from like books to poetry) but personally I really like their aesthetic prompts. *nods*
        I am completely not a night time person, but…my brain works best at night? Okay, that COMPLETELY doesn’t make sense. Basically I can think but not do the later it gets which is honestly terrible. WHY DOES SCHOOL HAVE TO GET IN THE WAY SO MUCH. *sighs* aah thank youuu!

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  8. You know, I can completely relate to all of this. I always feel like I’m in a constant state of a mental writing block. But trust me on this, you’re not alone. You wouldn’t be happy with the posts you put up if you just write for the sake of writing. Always remember that you’re writing for YOURSELF and not for anyone else. You’re not supposed to feel pressurized for not writing regularly. But I’m sure you’ll be able to get through this! See- you wrote about your block and voila! This is SOMETHING.

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  9. This is the most relatable thing I’ve ever read in my life 😂 I totally get what you mean. My phone is chock full of potential ideas for stories yet none of them ever come to fruition. I’ve started writing a bit, for one of the stories that is, but it’s less of me being bored overtime with the idea and more of me being scared that I’ll get the continuity wrong halfway through because I change my mind about ideas all the time, you know? I worry about stuff like that too much 😂 It’s a bit sad, but I’ll get there one day ☺️ Keep on writing!

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