A Valentine’s message from me to you

Hi! Long time no see, eh? (Let’s just not mention the fact that I haven’t blogged yet this year and it’s halfway through February, okay?)

As you probably already know, today is Valentine’s Day. I can’t remember the exact story, but I think it was actually quite sad how this day came to be. (Wasn’t Saint Valentine locked up and killed or something?) But anyway, that doesn’t mean we all have to be sad!

If you’re like me, you won’t have a ~special someone~ to share this day with, but hey, that doesn’t matter! You know who’ll never leave you? Chocolate. Chocolate is quite obviously a million times better than a partner, amiright?

All joking aside – you should also go and show some love to your friends and family today! I don’t know about you, but there are some lovely, lovely people in my life, even if they can be a bit odd and sometimes a tiny bit terrifying, even though they don’t really mean any harm, do they? Haha, I have some really weird friends…

There’s been so much love going around in the Blog Squad lately, which is so lovely, so YAAAY to all of that lot! (Love ya!) It was also Internet Friends Day yesterday, which called for a lot of love in the blogging community! (Everyone seemed so happy, it was great!!)

I don’t quite know what this is, so I’m just going to end it there.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Now go and treat yourself – you deserve it!

xx Elly xx

Also, general life news: I’ve been suuuuuper busy lately with pantomime stuff (my first performance is today!) and school, but hopefully I should have a little more time for blogging soon!

(It’s the actual end of the post now, so byeeeeee!)


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