Since I’m failing at Blogmas…


Since I’m really really failing at Blogmas, I thought I’d give you some links to people who are either doing proper full-on Blogmas or are doing like 1 post a week or something. And I’m going to count this in my own Blogmas posts!

Most of these bloggers are people from the Blog Squad, but all of them are really lovely!

  • Sydney @ Love, Sydney – Sydney is aiming to post a couple of times a week for Blogmas! Definitely check out her blog because she is very very lovely! 🙂
  • Victoria @ Addlepates and Book Nerds – Victoria is succeeding with her Blogmas posts so far, unlike little old me! Go and see her loveliness and festiveness!
  • Kira @ Delirious Dreams – Kira (my goat buddy :D) is trying to do some festive posts for Blogmas, so go take a look!!
  • Random Fluff – One of my friends from school is doing Blogmas, so go see what she’s posting!
  • Janet @ The Storyteller – The lovely Janet is also doing Blogmas! Check out her posts! 🙂

That’s the extent of my little list at the moment! Let me know if you’re doing Blogmas too, and I’ll take a look at your blog!

With any luck I’ll be be back to posting soon as I’m on school holidays from Friday, and I’ll hopefully have lots of fun things to write about!

xx Elly xx


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