A little question 

For the third day of Blogmas I would like to ask you all a little question:

How soon is too soon for Christmas Music?

I’d personally say the 1st of December is acceptable, but not before, although you might feel differently!

Let me know in the comments what you think!

xx Elly xx


43 thoughts on “A little question 

  1. I told my mum that after Bonfire night it was totally acceptable to start playing/singing Christmas music. She didn’t feel the same was as I did right enough. 1st of December is a perfect time though 🙂

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    1. Haha, some of the people in my year have been singing it for ages! And that’s a shame about you and your mum disagreeing on that, but hey ho!

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. This is slightly off topic but I remember when I was younger (No older than 7), I started listening to Christmas music in June. At the time, I didn’t see anything wrong with dreaming of a White Christmas in the Summer 😄

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  3. Well, in the Philippines, they go singing Christmas carols starting September. But I think it should be late November. Once Halloween’s over here in America, they don’t automatically bring on the Christmas songs because November is for Thanksgiving.

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  4. November 25th. Because there is exactly a month until Christmas! Or you want to wait five days (which in my opinion doesn’t really matter, there has been Christmas stuff in stores for 2 months).

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  5. I like christmas music for the atmosphere it creates. Sets up that magical feeling inside. But having to work in a supermarket where the same few songs keep playing over and over for almost a whole month, you can understand why some people may think even as late as the 1st of December is too early.


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  6. *shuffles quietly in the corner because doesn’t even listen to christmas music* HAHA OKAY BUT EXCEPT ONE SONG. I have a great weakness for the Piano Guys Christmas arrangements. Like, I can listen to them all year round. 😉

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    1. But but but… CHRISTMAS?
      Don’t worry about it; if it’s not your thing then hey ho. I’ll have to check out those piano guys things if you have a link?

      Thanks for commenting! xx


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