Christmas ramblings

It’s Blogmas guys!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!

This post is for day one and I was already stuck for ideas so argh. This’ll be fun. 😛

But anyway.

Since my last little brain-word-vomiting post seemed to go down well (dunno why ’cause my brain is a strange place), I thought I’d do another one but this time about Christmas-y things because Blogmas. So here goes!

I quite like Christmas. Not only do I get a holiday from school (YAY SLEEP) but it’s also just a nice time of year.

(Also Christmas smells – we’ll go into that later)

I just feel like people tend to be really happy around Christmas time. And I like happy people. Happy people make me feel more happy and relaxed and yeah, just nice.

There’s the excitement of celebrations and seeing family and all the other nice festive things.

I have a Christmas dress this year which I’m quite excited to wear. IT HAS PUGS ON AND IT IS SO CUTE OMG

Ooooh, Christmas smells!

Christmas smells are my favourite. I LOVE cinnamon, and all the other warm spicy scents that you get around this time of year. We’ve got a cranberry wax melt that smells SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD and I just love it so much! I think it’s called Frosted Cranberry or something but whatever it is it makes the house smell gorgeous.

PRESENTS! Not just receiving them (I never actually really want anything, to the dismay of my friends and family who insist on getting me stuff anyway) but giving them! I just love giving people presents and seeing their faces! But also getting presents from people means I have even more of an excuse to hug them because I’m overly thankful and that. (Seriously, if someone gives me something or does something for me I say thank you a  million times and then still don’t feel like I’ve said it enough times. I’m an awkward bean.)

What else is festive?

I guess, again, I just like the whole feel of Christmas time and yeah.

That’s it for my first Blogmas post of this year! Sorry it was a bit rubbish and last minute but my brain is tired and so am I so ideas aren’t really readily available.

(Also I may or may not have found myself watching several videos with cats in in a row because CAAAAAAAAAAAATS)

Oh, if you have any post ideas that you wouldn’t mind me pinching (with credit, of course – I’m not that cruel) then feel free to leave them in the comments! Also I don’t really mind if you pinch any of the ideas that you see me do (again, with credit to the person who thought them up) so have fun!

Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be a bit less weird.

Happy Blogmas!!

xx Elly xx



14 thoughts on “Christmas ramblings

  1. I greatly appreciate your appreciation of sleep. Pretty much one of the best parts of any holiday, especially cold ones when all you want to do is stay in bed!

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