I’m not dead!

Hello? It’s me! I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet to go over everything

Yeah. Hi. I’m not dead. I’m just a little bit rubbish at posting lately. Also school and homework and LIFE. ugh

Anyway, I really really really wanted to post a little something to just say hi and let you know that I’m not actually dead (if you’re not already aware as you like stalk my social medias or whatever *cough* youcanfollowmeyouknowbecauseyoulovemeandallthat *cough*) and that it’s actually just because I’m a little bit poopy at managing all my things and then I just fail…

Yeah, probably not a good thing…

I just wanted to do a bit more of a chatty post for once and just, like, write my thoughts as they come out of my brain.

(That sounded really weird. Ah well.)

Aflergeblehgrblrr My brain, everyone.

Would help if my thoughts actually were words half the time and not just a big mess of AGGFHGIESGBCXJSI but ah well I guess my brain is just odd. Like me. YAY FOR ODD PEOPLE.

Also, shoutout to the lovely ladies of the Blog Squad for putting up with my awkward weird flailing and stuff because I doubt anyone else would without questioning it to be honest. So GO BLOG SQUAD ILY mwah 😘

This post has just got weirder and weirder as it has gone on, and that’s saying something considering it started off with me ‘singing’ (?) Adele (but OMG HER NEW ALBUM IS SO PERFECT I CAN’T). What can I say? I’m a complete weirdo. Dunno whether you should be scared or not. Probably not. Maybe just a bit wary?????? I DUNNOOOOOOOO

But yeah. I’m not dead. YAY! (Unless you don’t like me, in which case WHY ARE YOU HERE? Surely that must be torture for you? Why?)

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me for all this time and hopefully I should be back with more posts soon! I’m hoping to take part in the wonderful Caitlin’s Creatives Project (which you should definitely check out by the way because she’s lovely and amazing and has made this little project seem so exciting omg) so there should be some posts going up about that!

ALSO: exciting news! I’ve been blogging for over a year now! I got a little notification from WordPress last Sunday which was very very exciting and made me very happy and smiley! I was going to do something but I feel like I’ve left it a bit long now anyway and also my brain is bad at ideas so yeah.

If you like this style of post then definitely let me know as it might mean there will be more stuff on this little blog of mine!



xx Elly xx


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