What I love about Autumn…

I love Autumn.

I love the colours – deep reds, yellows, browns, oranges.

I love the clothes – cozy jumpers, giant, snuggly cardigans.

I love the atmosphere – the anticipation of celebrations late in the year.

I love the food – traditional roast dinners, seasonal biscuits and other treats.

I love the leaves – the way they crunch under my feet as I walk.

I love the family celebrations that it brings – birthdays, in my case!

I love the crisp morning air that wakes me up – even if it is a little cold.

I love the feel of Autumn.


Since I couldn’t actually be bothered to do a wrap-up this week (again. I’m sorry!), I though I should probably at least do a post for Sydney’s Happiness Project, as it’s my week this week. I procrastinated a bit okay, a lot, but we won’t talk about that but it’s here! I thought I’d talk about Autumn, as It is one of my favourite seasons!

If you haven’t already, go check out Sydney’s blog here! She is a fantastic writer and all-round lovely person! (We are discussing spider experiences in The Blog Squad as I type! :P) Also, her blog is PREEEETTTTTTYYYYYY ❤

Le bye!

xx Elly xx


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