I’m going to be taking part in this wonderful project of Caitlin’s; what about you?

A Little Daydreamer

Hiya. Hi. Hello. ^.^

I’m really, really, really excited…!

Today is the launch of the Creatives’ Project and I can’t wait to start organising collabs and competitions for us all to enjoy! You can join in at any point and that includes working behind the scenes. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who has already participated and I’m looking forward to working with you. ❤

I’m hosting a Twitter Chat/Party in celebration of the launch starting right now at 6:00 pm (UK time) today. It would be lovely if you could join in. My Twitter is @alildaydreamer (If you join in, I’ll be give a little secret announcement that’s linked with my blog!) 😉

Also, it would be extra, extra lovely if you could give this a cheeky reblog to share the love. >.<

P.s I’m going to start working on this page! ❤

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