What would you think?


This post is a little different from the sort of thing I normally post, but I just wanted to get your opinion on something I have been considering for a little while.I have really been getting more into photography recently, and have considered making a blog to collate my photos. If I did, it would probably be a one photo per post type thing, with a few words about how/ why I took it and what I like/ don’t like about it.  I would also accept questions and feedback from you, if you wanted!

So, what would you think if I did make one? Let me know in the comments and I may just go ahead!

xx Elly xx


23 thoughts on “What would you think?

    1. That’s a good suggestion! The only thing with a page is that it doesn’t tend to send anything out if I’ve updated it, so if people were really bothered they’d have to check it every so often or I’d have to put something up on Twitter or something. Thanks anyway, though!

      Thanks for commenting! Xx


  1. I think it’s a great idea, and there are a lot of photography memes you could do, such as Silent Saturday. I’d start slowly, instead of creating a whole new blog just use this one tp see how you like organizing and posting the photos. That will give you ideas for how to organize a new blog just for photographs.

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