As you may know, I ran a little competition thingy aaaaaaaagggggggeeeeeeessssss ago to see who could create the best cover for Your Secret’s Safe With Me, a current WIP of mine (which I haven’t posted any of for a long time). So, I have finally got the results for you!

I actually got three entries (which is really cool because I was unsure I’d even get one!), and all three were very good! But, without further ado, I am pleased to announce that the winner is……………………..



your secret's safe

I really love this cover and how it uses the little code-y wheel things, seeing as it’s kind of a secret-agent-type story! I also love the shoes!

Big thanks again to everyone who entered, as all three covers were brilliantly done!  I have put the winning cover up on my NaNoWriMo page as promised and will announce the winner over on my Twitter too! 🙂

xx Elly xx


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