Weekly Wrap-Up #24


Okay, so, admittedly, I’ve really kind of been neglecting my weekly wrap-ups recently. Not because I don’t like them, of course!  I think it’s mainly because my brain is in holiday mode, which means I forget loads of stuff and think “Oh, there’s loads of time!” when in reality there isn’t. But hey, we all forget things sometimes, me a lot liiiiiittle more often than others.

I can't remember what I've forgotten!
I am Neville. (FYI it was his robes that he forgot – thanks, internet!)

Anyway, this week’s weekly wrap-up is going to be more of a ‘the-whole-month-so-far-and-then-some’ wrap-up, rather than a weekly one (sorry 😁), so I’d better get started as it’ll be looooooooooooooooong!

(Everything on here is since my last wrap-up, which was on the 18th July)


  • 27th July- I took part in Bridget’s Music Monday feature and notified everyone that my Q&A was closed.
  • 28th July- Top Ten Tuesday!!! I didn’t get ten, as usual, but it was fun all the same!
  • 30th July- I posted my Q&A!  Thanks again to everyone who asked me something!  I had a lot of fun answering everything!
  • 11th August- Top Ten Tuesday again, in which I discussed some of my past and present favourite authors! 🙂
  • 12th August- Bridget’s Music Monday again, this time not actually on a Monday!
  • 14th August- The ‘What if..?’ Challenge tag! This was fun!
  • 17th August- The Handwriting Tag! Siriusly, this tag is so cute! (I even tagged it as cute so you can’t argue with me)
  • 20th August- I took part in a blog hop! (We have yet to hear from Dunelleth regarding her post)

I also did some more posts over on The Feministas, so feel free to take a look at those too!

Comments likes and pingbacks (oh my!):

Since my last wrap-up, my posts got 92 (!!!) likes and 77 comments and pingbacks!  Thank you all so much!!

General life stuff:

*browses through Twitter to find actual stuff that I did* *forgets what I actually went on Twitter to do* *suddenly remembers*

  • I actually said “blobbing” on Twitter. (SHAMELESS PLUG: You can follow me here for more complete and utter bonkersness. I’d be happy to have you!)
  • It was Yorkshire Day!!
  • Sophie was adorably weird, as always 🙂
  • I reached 1000 total likes on my blog!  THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU!
  • I found out that my hybrid Hogwarts house is Ravenpuff (Ravenclaw + Hufflepuff)
  • I attempted gradient nails and THEY CHIPPED AND DIED
  • *realises I might have tweeted a bit too much about Bake Off*
  • I tweeted about Aldi chocolate and Aldi replied! It was a bit of an awkward tweet, though, and I didn’t even tag them!
  • I went to the Coronation Street Tour and it was so fun!  But it rained and I got very wet 😦
  • I found out that THERE IS GOING TO BE A TOY STORY 4 OMG
  • It was my birthday!
  • I got practically ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIAS. Facebook is so confusing though.
  • Tanya Burr’s new makeup range was released and I WANT IT! 😀
  • I ate a lot of chocolate and cake because birthdayness

How was your week/ month/ long time?

xx Elly xx


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