Music Monday by SAWTS: Girl Power!

Hi, Badgers!

Today, I thought I’d have a go at yet another new thing.  And, guess what, it’s a link-up too! 😛

Anyway, last Monday, Bridget of Stay and Watch the Stars posted her first ever Music Monday link-up.  She invented this herself and I really liked it so thought I’d have a go! 🙂

In Bridget’s words:

Music Monday is a bi-weekly blog link up to encourage the sharing and discussion of people’s favorite music. Join in to share your own music and find new songs to listen to! A new theme will be posted every other Monday.

This fortnight’s theme is ‘Girl Power’, focusing on female singers and/or feminist lyrics!  Here is my playlist:

1. Bad Blood – Taylor Swift (I actually prefer the original version without Kendrick Lamar, but there’s no video for that)

2. Let It Go – Idina Menzel (Obviously, because Frozen)

3. The Only Exception – Paramore (I love Paramore, and this is my favourite song by them)

4. Royals – Lorde (She’s amazing)

5. Salute – Little Mix (This song just exudes Girl Power)

6. Pretty Hurts – Beyoncé (Come on, it’s Beyoncé, and there’s a lot of lyrics in there that are true)

7. Titanium – Sia and David Guetta (I AM TITAAAANIIIIIUUUUUM!!)

8. Defying Gravity – Idina Menzel (Idina M.’s second appearance on here!  This song is seriously amazing, though, and so is Wicked!)

9. Square One – Lauren Aquilina (Thanks to An Overthinking Teen for introducing me to this one!)

10. Together – Ella Eyre (SO MUCH AWESOMENESS AHH)

I have made a Spotify playlist of these songs (well, as many as possible) along with some others that I think fit the theme, so you can check that out if you like (I’m badgerunicorn on Spotify)!

What do you think?  What would your choices be?  And don’t forget to leave me a link if you’ve done this too!

xx Elly xx


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