Weekly Wrap-Up #21

Hello, Badgers!

It came to my attention a little while ago that I never did a wrap up for last week, so it’s going to have to be included in this week’s!  Therefore, I give you… a fortnightly wrap-up!!!!  YAY!  (Also, it’s July now.  Like, seriously, when did that happen??)


  • 23rd June- I put up a little note saying how I wouldn’t be doing Top Ten Tuesday for two weeks.  I’ll be back to doing them on Tuesday!
  • 25th June- I did my first ever monthly favourites post!  Last month’s will hopefully be up soon!
  • 1st July- I finally got round to doing the Book Life Tag!  Thanks again to Michelle for tagging me!
  • 5th July- This post!

Comments likes and pingbacks (oh my!):

This fortnight’s posts got 18 comments/ pingbacks and a whopping 41 likes!  You guys are the best! 🙂

General life stuff:

  • I went to Paris!  It was very fun, although the ferry was delayed on the way there and the hotel was in an extremely bad area.  WE GOT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND THOUGH SO EVERYTHING’S FINE!
  • I met Mickey Mouse!
  • The Blog Olympics started!  Go check them out @BlogOlympics on Twitter, and on these two blogs: 1 & 2

I re-opened my Q&A a while ago and would love for you to join in! Go here to ask me all the questions you want (you can ask more than one)!

What did you get up to this week?

xx Elly xx


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