(very late) May Favourites!

Hello, Badgers!

A while ago, in May, I decided that sometime near the start of the next month I wanted to do a monthly favourites post.  Now, I know it’s rather late, but now I have the time I am going to get round to it!

1. Hole in my heart by Luke Friend

My mum showed me this song a while ago as we’d both really liked Luke Friend when he was on X Factor and now I’m a bit obsessed.  I LOVE this song!!!

2. Harry Potter Headcanons

Yes, Ron, they certainly are wicked!

I can blame my friend for this one.  She introduced me to the concept of headcanons a little while ago and I really started to get into them last month!  In case you didn’t know, headcanons are mini-fanfiction-type-things that are sort of things that could have happened in a book, film or other thing but haven’t actually been confirmed, so aren’t technically canon.

Some of the headcanons that I’ve read have made me laugh and others have made me cry, but they’re really fun to read!

3. Spotify

I have known what Spotify is for ages, but I finally got it last month and now I’m kind of addicted!  Getting Spotify means that I can listen to loads of songs that I haven’t listened to for ages and also has different playlists for lots of things! 🙂

4. Multiply by Ed Sheeran

After getting Spotify, I felt like I had to get Multiply as I hadn’t got it yet and LOVE Ed Sheeran’s music SOOO MUCH!!  The songs on the album are quite varied – from beautiful love songs that would be PERFECT for a wedding, to more dramatic songs, and others in between – which makes it even better to listen to!  One of my favourites in Photograph and the video is adorable too!

5. Chapter One by Ella Henderson

Another Spotify album find!  I loved Ella Henderson when she was on X Factor a while back and was so excited to hear that she had an album out!  Chapter One is another very varied album and is  lovely to listen to!  I would definitely take a look if you haven’t already, as Ella has a lovely voice!  Here’s one of my favourites from the album:

6. Argan Oil things


Last month, I kinda became obsessed with Argan Oil, but who can blame me when IT SMELLS SO NICE?! Siriusly, though, not only do Argan Oil products smell lovely, but they make my hair feel so soft!  Also, MY SHAMPOO IS SHIMMERY!!!! 😀

7. 1000 Forms of Fear by Sia

YAY!  ANOTHER ALBUM! (I’m a bit hyper; can you tell?)

1000 Forms of Fear is Sia’s latest album and OMG IT IS SO GOOD SIRIUSLY.  Need I say any more?

8. L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H-Matte foundation (in porcelain)



Some of you may know that I have very pale skin.  This means that finding foundations and stuff that don’t make me look like a pumpkin is hard.  For a while before I got this foundation, I had been using an Avon BB cream and, while the texture was nice and it felt light, I had to apply minuscule amounts of it to prevent myself from looking orange.  But THEN I found this foundation!

I went to Boots to get ‘colour matched’ by the people in the No. 7 bit, but it turns out that I’m too pale for No.7.  Luckily, the person who was doing the colour match service found this foundation and it is so perfect.  My only problem now is concealer…

9. Britain’s Got Talent

Even though it’s possibly one of the cheesiest shows on TV, I still love Britain’s Got Talent.  First of all, you can always rely on BGT for cute small children and adorable animals, both of which I love!  Secondly you get some really amazing acts like this one:

And then there are the completely bonkers acts!  Watch it next time it’s on.  Trust me.

Well, that concludes this post!

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter (@badgerunicorn) what you thought of this post!  I’d love to know!

xx Elly xx

(This post is scheduled)


17 thoughts on “(very late) May Favourites!

  1. Oh I love Argan oil products-they do wonders for hair.

    I write Harry Potter fan fictions, which are pretty much headcannons right? Kinda. I sometimes post them on thepotterpost09.blogspot.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heehee! Sirius is amazing.
      (Also, I kinda saw it on another blog first but puns like that are all over the Internet so technically I’m not stealing 😝)

      Thanks for commenting! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem and it’s not stealing. Most likely, three people made that exact pun at the same time or around the same time and put it on the internet. These days you never know if something really someone’s unless it’s in physical print. So don’t feel bad, be glad! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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