Guest Post- The Beginning of the End


Today, I have quite a special post for you; a guest post!  Recently, the lovely Kathryn of Hobbits and Hippogriffs asked me to guest post on her blog (which will be going up sometime soon) and, in return, I gave her the opportunity to do a guest post on mine!  She said yes, which I was very happy about, so here’s a poem by her entitled “The Beginning of the End”.

The King stepped down, the lowly rose.

Upon the golden throne.

The sheltered did leave their rich abodes and the homeless found a home.

The sea went dry, the birds did not fly.

The fishes flew and flew.

The drums fell silent, the flutes did too, and the trumpets blew no blew.

White went black and black went white, the rainbow did not come.

The traveler traveled on and on, he did not know where from.


To see more of Kathryn’s wonderful works, go check out her blog, Hobbits and Hippogriffs, if you haven’t already!  I also just want to say a big thank you to Kathryn for sharing her work with me for a guest post!

If you are interested in guest posting, let me know!  Details of how you can contact me are on my ‘Say Hi!‘ page 🙂

xx Elly xx

P.S. If anyone knows how to follow Kathryn’s blog, please let me know as I can’t figure it out! 😛

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