Top ten books I’d love to see as movies/TV shows

Hello, Badgers!

Welcome to my first ever Top Ten Tuesday post!  I’m really excited about this, as I’ve been meaning to have a go for a while and have finally got round to it now!

If you didn’t know already, Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Check out their blog for more info!

This week’s theme is ‘Top ten books I’d love to see as movies/ TV shows’, which is pretty similar to this tag that I did a while back!  Anyway, in no particular order, here is my top ten!

1. The Ruby Redfort series by Lauren Child

IMG_0599(Okay, so this is more than one book, but they included several series on the original post)

I siriusly can’t express how much I love these books.  As I stated in the tag that I linked to earlier,  I feel like they are just perfect for movie adaptations as they are so well written and amazing and just GAH I LOVE THEM!  GO READ THEM NOW!

 2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

From (although Rainbow Rowell and the illustrator own it)

Now, I definitely know I’m not alone on this one!  This book is just perfect for a movie, if a little cheesy; what with the whole romance-and-cute-guy thing. What makes this book special, I think, is Cath’s background – hard for me to explain without giving away half the plot – and the fact that it includes fanfiction, something that many fans write these days (although I’ve never tried)!  I feel like Cath is quite a relatable character as well, and people who had read and enjoyed the book would probably go to see it!

3. The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Image from
Image from

I don’t know if I can actually count these books as they have already been made into films, but since this is about movies and TV shows, I feel like I can still include them.

You see, though I did enjoy the films, I was quote disappointed that they didn’t include some of my favourite/ the most important parts/ things, such as Peeves, Pig(widgeon) and Regulus Black’s story.  I for one would love there to be a Harry Potter TV thingy if it meant that everything was included.  They could do it in 7 series – one for each book – and have an episode per/ every two chapter/s!  I would definitely watch it, even if I had to record half the episodes.

(Also, if you only watched the films, you are missing out.  Please, please read the books too, even if you think you hate reading!)

4. The Chocolate Box Girls series by Cathy Cassidy

Covers belong to Cathy Cassidy
Covers belong to Cathy Cassidy

This series is just so sweet, as the name suggests, even though it does cover some fairly serious topics.  I feel like these would be more suited to being a TV series than a movie/ movies, although some subjects would have to be handled carefully so as not to upset anyone (too much, anyway.  I think I might actually have cried whilst reading them as i have a habit of doing that :P).  I really enjoyed these books and the quirkiness of the chocolate-business-owner-stepdad-or-in-one-case-just-dad idea (that was very long, I’m sorry about that), and I am excited to read Sweet Honey (which I have got but haven’t read yet) and the upcoming extra one!

5. Pretty much anything by Michael Morpurgo

(Well, any that aren’t already films)

I adore I really should use a thesaurus.  I’m running out of words that mean love and I’ve only used about two Morpurgo’s books, even though they always make me cry. What, I’m an emotional person?  Like with Ruby Redfort, the description in his books is very good and makes for easy visualisation, which I would assume would help a film crew when adapting a book for the screen.  Another thing that I like about Morpurgo’s books is the fact that the stories are usually pretty believable and often based on real events and people!  If you haven’t already read any of his books, definitely give them a shot (and feel free to come fangirl with me)!

Now, I feel kind of awkward about this (even though it’s apparently fine), but I can’t actually think of any more!

What books do you think should be made into films/ TV shows?  Do you agree with any of my picks?  If you participated, feel free to leave a link to your TTT post in the comments for me to look at!

xx Elly xx


17 thoughts on “Top ten books I’d love to see as movies/TV shows

  1. FIRST EVER?!?!? How exciting!!! This is a great topic for your first TTT post, too! I completely agree with you about Fangirl. I almost put it on my list, but I had already put Eleanor & Park and I decided that one Rainbow Rowell book was probably enough for that list haha. I ADORED Fangirl when I read it (last year?) and would love to see it as a movie. Not only would it be awesome to see a nerdy girl like Cath on the big screen (represent!) but Levi would also be amazing to see. I love him so much!

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    1. I was really excited about my first TTT; so much so that I kinda put off a bit of homework and guitar practice…
      I really want to read Eleanor and Park, as well as other books by Rainbow Rowell, because I enjoyed Fangirl so much! And OMG LEVI IS JUST SO PERFECT, right?

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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  2. One of my favourite series when I was younger were “The Palace of Laughter” books by Jon Berkeley. There’s 3 books overall, but I think they’d make a really sweet animated film. And also, the “TimeRiders” series by Alex Scarrow. I’m on the last book at the moment but I love them so much and I think a film would be so so so good to see!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely! I think The Palace of Laughter may be for younger readers. I think I first read it when I was about ten, maybe a bit younger. And TimeRiders is about Time Travel so if you’re into that thing then I would certainly read them 😊

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  3. ZOMG YES TO FANGIRL. That would be so adorkable and cute and it would totally be perfect if the people who made TFIOS made it!! I WANT THIS SO BAD! Fangirl is one of my top favourite books. *nods*

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  4. I was actually thinking about this subject earlier today. First off, I think a lot more of these books need to be come TV series because great supporting characters get cut or reduced in films. At the moment, my obsession is imagining what it would be like for all of my favorite Dickens novels to become (refreshed) series shows. Specifically Nicholas Nickleby, which I just read last month. I may or may not have been casting characters in my mind the entire time I was reading… 🙂

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