Weekly Wrap-Up #16

Hey, Badgers!

Well, this is a bit late, isn’t it?  I actually planned to do this on Sunday, as you can probably tell by the header image, but oh well!  Anyway, enough rambling, it’s time for another weekly wrap-up!


  • 19th May- I made a feedback form!  I would really appreciate it if you would fill it in if you haven’t already, as it will help me improve my blog and I am genuinely interested in what you all have to say! 🙂

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  I’ll try to get some more up some time this week.  If you have any suggestions, or fancy doing a guest post, let me know in the comments below!

Comments, likes and pingbacks:

As of when this post goes up, this week’s post has got 5 likes!

Last week’s Weekly Wrap-Up got 8 likes!  Thank you everybody!

General life stuff:

  • I broke up from school for the half-term holidays on Friday!
  • It was Eurovision and America got very confused.  I only managed to watch it on Monday but it was good, if very cheesy!
  • I went to Malham on a school trip.  I didn’t enjoy the walking part but I ended up taking a ridiculous amount of photos (60+) because it’s so pretty!
  • I watched my brother’s school play and it was really good! 🙂

My book cover competition is still open!  I have updated the original post with the correct details; you can find it here.  Please send any entries to hufflepuffthoughts@gmail.com before June 1st!  I have also re-opened my Q&A, so go here to ask me all the questions you want (you can ask more than one)!

Also, if you haven’t already, please go fill in the feedback forms on Books, Tea and a Onesie, alwaysopinionatedgirl and my blog! 🙂

Let me know in the comments how your week went?  Did you do anything interesting?  Read any good books you’d like to recommend?

xx Elly xx


8 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up #16

  1. Cheesiness is literally the spirit of Eurovision! It embodies naff: I mean, the flashing lights, the dancing, the odd lyrics, the costumes, the feathers… Yeah. But it is sort of serious in the passive-aggressive political voting? Yeah. What were your favourite acts?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I totally agree! It’s a very odd competition; no wonder the Americans don’t understand it!
      Personally, I didn’t hate ours this year, but I just found it a bit naff. I didn’t really have a favourite; what about you?
      Thanks for commenting! xx


      1. Yeah, I do agree with you. It wasn’t the worst, but… I think the discussion of leaving the EU probably didn’t help, ahaha.
        Hmm, I quite liked Belgium and Australia. The staging for Sweden was so cool as well!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Haha yeah, not that they liked us very much to begin with!
            Belgium was…the one with the kind of white background and weird robotic dancers? At one point the guy just, like, lay down on the stage. But I didn’t mind the song XD

            Liked by 1 person

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