Weekly Wrap-Up #14

Hi, Badgers!

I don’t know about you, but this week seems to have flown by for me!  It’s now Sunday (well, noooooo), which means that it’s time for another weekly wrap-up!  Let’s get on with it…


Monday not included.

  • 6th May- This post was really fun to write, as I basically got to moan about how my legs cause me problems!  Also, I now understand that shorter-legged people have problems too, thanks to some lovely commenters, so thank you to them!
  • 8th May- I posted a (very poor quality) screenshot-thingy of one of J.K. Rowling’s recent tweets, saying that she had been writing a script!!  It was a bit of an “ASDFGHJKL” moment.
  • 10th May- This post!

Comments, likes and pingbacks:

As of when I publish this post, this week’s posts (including last week’s weekly wrap-up) got 33 comments and 24 likes!  Thank you to everyone that contributed to these numbers!

General life stuff:

  • I had two science tests. I will make you feel my pain by using a sad smiley 😦
  • My youngest half-sister, Heidi, turned one year old on Friday!
  • We made sock puppets in Guides, and I made Harry Potter (obviously) 😛
  • I started the Paso Doble at my Ballroom and Latin dance lesson on Saturday.  It’s difficult.
  • I had no Ballet or Tap lesson on Monday because it was a bank holiday.  It felt really weird!

My book cover competition is still open!  I have updated the original post with the correct details; you can find it here.  Please send any entries to hufflepuffthoughts@gmail.com before June 1st!

Thanks for reading!  ALSO, while you’re still here, go fill out the feedback form over on Books, Tea and a Onesie to make her really happy!

How has your week been?

xx Elly xx


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