The Many Problems of Long-Legged People

I have long legs and that is sometimes a problem.  In fact, I’m a pretty tall person, so you could say that I am just generally long.  However, having long legs isn’t all it’s made up to be; it can be very annoying at times.  So please, feel free to join me in my rambling!

1. Long legs seem to have a magical ability to shrink everything.

Seriously though, a skirt* that will look absolutely fine on someone with normal-length legs will often become tiny as soon as I try it on.  Something that is supposed to be about knee-length will turn into something that is mid-thigh-length or shorter.  Also, because more leg will be showing below the hem, the skirt will automatically look shorter.  The only thing that will counteract this is a maxi-skirt or maxi-dress.

Here, Alice represents the skirt*
Here, Alice represents the skirt*

*Skirt is just an example.  Other items of clothing are available.

2. Being tall can be awkward for others.**

From personal experience, I can honestly tell you that being taller than someone who is older that you can be incredibly awkward.  For one thing, you will probably have to look down at them to talk to them (unless you fancy squatting weirdly) and it can feel like you might be intimidating them.  It is especially awkward if the smaller person is a teacher.

**Assuming that long-legged people are also tall.

3. It can feel silly to wear high-heeled shoes.

My ballroom and Latin dance shoes have a heel of about 2 or 3 inches and I also own a few pairs of wedges, but, to me, it can sometimes feel a bit silly when I am putting them on.  I feel a bit like “why make yourself taller when you are already tall?” because, let’s face it, if you are already towering over people, you don’t really want to tower over them more (unless you like that feeling, in which case I am worried for you).  I suppose that, in the end, if you like the shoes, just go out there and wear them. 🙂

4.  Trouser problems.^

I have a particular problem when buying trousers.  This is because every single flipping pair of trousers doesn’t fit somewhere!!!!!!  I can go into most shops and pick up a pair of jeans or other trousers in my size and they will fit me length-wise. However, I can almost always guarantee that I will find a problem somewhere.  Usually, they are too big around the waist and, as ladies’ clothing doesn’t have that adjustable-elastic-stuff that children’s clothing does, I frequently find myself having to hoick them up.

^A.K.A. ‘pants’ if you call them that.

I feel you, Taylor.
I feel you, Taylor.

5. Hugging

I love a good hug, but sometimes hugging can be awkward when the person you are hugging is a lot smaller than you are.  You kind of have to either hug their head, which is weird, or bend down awkwardly, which means that they can’t hug you properly.

voldemort awkward hug
Okay, Voldemort doesn’t have this exact problem, but it’s still an awkward hug.

 6. Knees and tables/people/ anything really do not mix well.

You know how you get those picnic-table-thingies with the benches joined on?  Well, they are terrible to get in and out of.  I was sitting at one a little while ago and I had to attempt to get both my legs out and in whilst not falling over and pulling some sort of weird karate-ninja-style moves because my legs are too long for them.

As for people, there are a few problems.  As I have mentioned several times on this blog, I do a lot of dance.  When I am doing some of the ballroom dances which have quite close holds, I will often bump knees with my partner when going forwards.  Another problem that I have occurs when I need to slide out of a seat but someone is standing near where I need to get out.  In this situation, I often manage to hit the person with my knees as I’m getting out, even if they are not that close!

(After hitting someone with my knees, I tend to apologise repeatedly.)

And, that’s the end of this post.  Feel free to let me know in the comments what problems – if any – your legs cause you, whatever size they are!  I’d love to know if anyone can relate, and, hey, we may even get a part 2!!

xx Elly xx



15 thoughts on “The Many Problems of Long-Legged People

  1. Haha, I have the opposite problems because I’m really short 😛 It’s really hard to find pants that fit me correctly too, since they’re almost always either too long or too tight. And dresses are frustrating too, since I can’t wear anything long without tripping over the hem!

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  2. Being short has just as many problems. I am 4’11”, so a mini-skirt on ‘normal’ sized people, becomes knee-length or a bit longer on me. Even the petite section of stores isn’t short enough. I have to roll up or hem the legs of all pants/jeans.

    Reaching shelves or trying to sit on taller-than-average chairs can be interesting as well. Looks like I’m trying to scale a mountain. But I do like being short. It can be just as useful as it is annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s the one I went to maths catch up today over. Nasty little blighter! I can’t work out what to do if n is an odd number. Also, BBC young dancer is ballet tonight! (Now I’m going to watch it and think of you.) 🙂

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