Weekly Wrap-Up #9 :)


It’s time for me to wrap up my week in one post again!  Care to join me?


Okay, so I haven’t posted that much this week as I was on holiday and I could only get either the odd bit of 3G out and about or wifi if I went into the main complex (which I only did a couple of times), but here are the posts that I did manage to do:

  • 30th March- Last week’s late wrap-up (oopsie!) and the last day of AOSC!
  • 3rd April (Oooh!  New month!)- I shared the pictures that (mostly) I took whilst on my holiday, including two adorable Shetland ponies!
  • 4th April- I shared a song that I have been really really really really really really liking recently (see what I did there?) and rambled about it a bit.
  • 5th April- The post that you are currently reading 😛

Comments, likes and pingbacks:

I have recently realised that pingbacks (links to my posts) are included in the comments totals, so I have decided to include that in the subheading of this bit.

On this week’s posts, I got 20 comments and pingbacks and 26 likes!  Thanks so much! xxxx

General life stuff:

As usual, not necessarily in chronological order.

  • My friend made me think that she’d broken her leg by tripping over her cat and falling down the stairs for April fools.  I, however, completely forgot that April fools was even a thing until she mentioned it…  So yeah.
  • I went on holiday and had to find non-wifi related things to do.
  • I read quite a lot of my book!
  • April began!
  • I finally caught up on all the YouTube videos from the channels that I subscribe to, that is, until Tanya Burr uploaded another one today…
  • Merlin got a manky eye, but he’s looking much better now!
  • My list of tags and awards looks like this: list

My book cover competition (update here) and Q&A are still open!  Please keep stuff coming in or they can’t happen!

How was your week?  And a very happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!

xx Elly xx


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