An Overthinking Song Challenge: Day 30!

Hello again, Badgers!

Today is the last day of An Overthinking Song Challenge on this blog!  Big thanks again to An Overthinking Teenager over at her blog, Books, Tea and a Onesie for letting me do the challenge!

For today’s challenge, I have to pick a song that would be the theme tune to my life!  Now, for this one, it would have to be a mixture of several, because my life/mood changes depending on where I am and what I am doing!  There have been sad times in my life, but also lots and lots of happy ones!  I’m sorry that I couldn’t pick just one for this one, but this was probably the hardest one to do!  As an idea of what it would have to be like, here’s a video we were shown in gathering at school earlier in the year!

Now it’s your turn; what would you pick for today’s challenge and why?  Let me know in the comments!

Also, as I was writing this post, this message showed up:


Thank you all sososososo much!!!!  I love that you love my blog!

xx Elly xx


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