An Overthinking Song Challenge: Day 27

Howdy, Badgers! (I suddenly went all cowgirl.  Idek why)

Today, I actually remembered to do the challenge!  Yay!  Let’s get on with it then, shall we?

Today, I have to pick a song that I like the lyrics to.  For this, I’m going to choose Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.  My reason for picking this is because I love the fact that the lyrics are all about not letting other people get to you, no matter how hard they may try, and that rumours are just that and shouldn’t be taken too seriously!  Other, non-lyrics-related things that I love about the song are its upbeat, catchy tune, and the video!

What do you think of my choice?  What would your choice be?

xx Elly xx



5 thoughts on “An Overthinking Song Challenge: Day 27

  1. I actually wasn’t a big fan of the song when it first came out, but listening to it with the video makes it so much more fun and uplifting!

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