An Overthinking Song Challenge: Days 25 and 26


I missed yesterday’s post again (oops) so here’s another joint one!  Also, my challenge is nearly over, but if you fancy doing it yourself, go ahead and ask over at Books, Tea and a Onesie.  Make sure you get permission and, if you do, you should probably link to her!  Anyway, on with the challenges!

Yesterday’s challenge was to choose a cover song that I think is better than the original.  For this, I’m choosing James Bay’s Live Lounge cover of FourFiveSeconds by Kanye West, Rhianna and Paul McCartney.  Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the original version of this song, although it’s not one of the worst things that I’ve heard!  Both versions are below, so you can check them out if you wish!


Today, I have to find a song that I liked when I was younger.  Now, to be honest, I probably liked a lot of songs when I was younger, and I can’t remember  lot of them.  One that I can remember, however, is More Than a Band from Disney’s Lemonade Mouth.  It’s got quite a nice tune and the lyrics are quite sweet.

What do you think?  I would love to see your picks in the comments!

xx Elly xx




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