Weekly Wrap-Up #6

Hi, again!

Welcome to this week’s wrap-up!


I also have a few drafts floating around at the moment, so look out for them at some point!

Comments and Likes:

I got 32 likes and 7 comments!  Thanks for all your support!

General Life Stuff:

  • I wore disco pants for the first time and found out that they are not the most practical things to dance in.
  • I had a rehearsal for my upcoming dance show which is next weekend!
  • I went to Aldi quite a bit.
  • The Young Shakespeare Company came into my school and performed Macbeth for the whole of my year!  It was absolutely amazing, but I hope the guy who accidentally got kicked felt better (sometimes stage-fighting doesn’t go as planned)!
  • Someone jumped on my brother’s foot, so now he can’t do his taekwondo grading.
  • MY HALF SISTER CAN SAY MY NAME PROPERLY!!!!  She used to say Eyeey (not quite sure how I should spell it) instead of Elly!

My book cover competition (update here) and Q&A are still open!  Please keep stuff coming in!

How was your week?

xx Elly xx


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