I Discuss Being A Potterhead

Hiya, Badgers!

I have recently seen a bit of a running trend on a few of the blogs that I follow in which they post discussion-y type posts.  After reading them, I thought I may as well do one myself as I found them really interesting!  Naturally, I am choosing something very close to my heart to write about: Harry Potter-related stuff! 😛  Also, I feel like I owe you Potter-ness as I haven’t really posted much on the topic recently (sorry!!).

Here’s one thing you definitely don’t know about me: I’m a huge Potterhead.  I know, shocker, right?

Being a Potterhead has its advantages, but also disadvantages.  Let’s start with the positives.  (I just wrote ‘posittives because I can totally spell all the time…)

The first advantage I will talk/write about is that being a Harry Potter fan means that you will automatically have something in common with a very large group of people (there are 10,528,408 and counting on Pottermore alone (Pottermore is great and it will sort you into your true house so you no longer have to be a Ravenpuff/ Slytherdor/ etc.))!  This means that if you are bad at meeting new people, you could probably get a conversation going with quite a few people if you mention that you’re a fan!

Second advantage: you automatically become (more) awesome in lots of people’s eyes, and it’s always nice when people think you’re awesome!

Third: You will (most likely) always have something to dress up as if you need to!  For example: your friend invites you to a party and it turns out it’s fancy dress.  If you  have long brown hair, you could make it frizzy if it isn’t already, throw on some random clothes, grab a stack of books (not too heavy, mind – we don’t want your arms to die!) and go as Hermione on a weekend.  If you have slightly floppy, short dark hair and glasses, you could quickly grab something like a lipstick and draw a lightning bolt on your forehead, throw on some random clothes and be The Boy Who Lived.  For those blessed with ginger hair, you could just go in your ordinary clothes and say that you are a Weasley, because why not?  These are just examples of course.  Alternatively, you could buy Harry Potter T-shirts and such and just have an excuse to wear your fandom any time!

Fourth: There are so many amazing characters that stay with you.  Always. *sobs*

The last advantage that I will list (as I could go on forever) is the fact that being a fan of Harry Potter can lead you to being fans of other things, for example, this guy:

*fangirls* And other things, like bloggers and other YouTubers, or just randomers who are also Potterheads!  And, of course, J.K. Rowling!

Now for the disadvantages, of which there aren’t that many.

Number one: obsessive fangirling can become annoying to those around you.  One thing that I have a habit of doing is making almost everything relate to one of my obsessions, one of these being Harry Potter. I also have a habit of being very expressive with my arms whilst fangirling, so my friends are all like:


And then I’m like: “DON’T INTERRUPT MY FANGIRLING!” (well, internally) (gallopingfree, I give you permission to confirm this in the comments.  I know you like me really!).  When I eventually stop fangirling/ leave, I imagine that they’re a bit like:

anigif_enhanced-29808-1397443869-24 or tumblr_lboxp0rG461qb0zfoo1_500

So yeah.

Onto the second one: it’s actually really hard to believe someone if they say they don’t like/ haven’t read or watched (the books are still better) Harry Potter.  Siriusly, though, how dare they?  It may be slightly over the top, but my reaction may be something like this:

I mean, I'm still going to try to like you out of niceness...
I mean, I’m still going to try to like you out of niceness…

Luckily, I haven’t encountered many non-Potter-fans in my life, and I am grateful.

Thirdly, when I’m talking about my love of the series and people are just like:

anigif_enhanced-21354-1397518090-1it makes me go crazy.  Like, siriusly mental.  Lupin-as-a-werewolf mental.

This is me
This is me

Overall, being a Potterhead is amazing, and I wouldn’t swap the books for anything!


What do you think?

xx Elly xx

Maroon for you, Ronald. 😛


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