Horse Feathers Blog Party!


Recently, Rebekah over on her blog, Horse Feathers, reached fifty followers and decided to do a blog party and link up to celebrate!  I have been wanting to take part for a while, and now I’ve finally got round to doing so!  So, let’s get on with it!

Books or Movies?

I don’t mind either, actually!  They both have pros and cons, but they both tell a story!  If we’re talking about Harry Potter here (heehee), then I much prefer the books!  The films cut out loads of good things, and, even though they are still good, Frozen beats Harry Potter for films (but if there were an actual Frozen book, it probably wouldn’t beat Harry Potter ;))!  Both have a habit of making me sleepy as well, if you wanted to know.

Favorite book character?

AAAAAAGGGHHH!  Don’t make me choose!  Most of the characters in books that I have read (and that’s a lot) are written fantastically, and serve their purpose in the story, whether that’s a villain, protagonist or supporting character!

Who is you favorite author?

I have a lots.  To name a few:

  • J.K. Rowling
  • Jacqueline Wilson
  • Cathy Cassidy
  • Michael Morpurgo

Favorite book quote?


You are probably getting tired of seeing this on here, but I will continue to put it on no matter what!  It’s a good thing to live by, in my opinion, as it’s about trying to see the good in all situations, and staying strong and positive through anything (oooh, deep)!

Top five favorite books?

I don’t have a top anything.  I just love books!

One weird book thing you do. (Smelling books, hugging it to your chest saying ‘THE FEELS’ etc.)

If crying at books (well, everything actually…) is weird, then that.  Oh, and once I went in to school and the first thing I said to my friend was, “Ron Weasley is an idiot.”  I was reading the last Harry Potter book for the first time.

This is a totally necessary question people. Have you ever ridden a horse? And if you have, did you like it?

I have ridden a horse a few times before, but I’ve never had a lesson.  Just little sessions on holiday and such.  I did enjoy it though!

Congratulations to Rebekah on reaching 50 followers!  And go check out her blog because it’s fabulous (darling :P)!

xx Elly xx




4 thoughts on “Horse Feathers Blog Party!

  1. Although the films were great, the books will never be beaten.
    I also agree about cutting important things out. I was disappointed when they did not go into Tom Riddle’s past in the 6th…I was looking forward to that.
    Also, smelling books is not strange.
    Congratulations to your friend too, onwards and upwards!

    Liked by 1 person

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