(Slightly late) Weekly Wrap-Up #3!


Sorry this is late!!  Oh, and I know I was a bit rubbish at posting this week.  I mean, how hard is it to show you pancakes?!  Anyway, here we go!  Let’s wrap up last week!


  • 17th February- I posted some pictures of my pancakes, likely making half of you either really hungry or jealous (sorry!!)!

And that was it.  I was off school as well, so I should have been posting loads, but my brain died a bit and had no ideas.  Sorry!

Comments and likes:

I’ve decided to combine these two!  I got 3 comments and 8 likes from you all this week!  Thank you!

General life stuff:

  • I was off school for half term. 🙂
  • I saw Disney’s Big Hero 6 at the cinema and it was AMAZING!  But Frozen‘s still my favourite. 😛
  • A three-year-old told me that he was very strong and it was SOOOOOO CUTE!!!
  • I cooked an Italian-themed three-course meal for homework.  It went well!
  • I tweeted.  Using Twitter.
  • I went to the dentist… I hate the dentist…

Oh, and it was World Thinking Day!  Happy World Thinking Day to all members of Girlguiding around the world! 🙂

How was your week?

xx Elly xx


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