Weekly Wrap-Up #2

Hello, Badgers!

Welcome to my second weekly wrap-up, where you find out how my week has been!  Let’s go!


  • 10th February- I posted about a few of my favourite blogs!
  • 11th February- I debunked some myths about glasses-wearers, with the help of a friend.
  • 12th February- I gave you a little update about stuff!
  • 13th February- No bad luck for me!  My friend did a short guest post, as she had been wanting to for a while!
  • 14th February- In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I wrote a short love letter to my phone!
  • 15th February- Today!  I posted a Valentine’s book tag, an award post and this!


So far, I have 36 comments this week!  YAAAAAAAY!!  Thank you!


I have 31 likes so far!  This really means a lot!

General life stuff:

  • I received my first ever Valentine’s card.  It was from a Dogs Trust dog…
  • I broke up for the holidays!
  • I joined Twitter.
  • I got nominated for the Liebster Award by an Overthinking Teen!  Thanks again!
  • I asked someone for tips on how to cope with annoying brothers and they told me to use headphones!
  • My Physics teacher sang and played the guitar in a lesson (we’re doing sound) and wasn’t too bad.
  • I seem to have acquired a rather large spot on my forehead 😦

Thanks for reading!  How was your week?

xx Elly xx


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