Be My Valentine Book Tag!

Yesterday, I was tagged by Bridget of Stay and Watch the Stars to do the Be My Valentine Book Tag.  I didn’t quite have time to do it on actual Valentines Day, so I thought I might as well do it the next day!  Let’s get started, then…

Who is your favorite couple in a book?

Ooh, this is hard already.  Can I just say all of them?  Although, I suppose Neville and Hannah are pretty cute, and they end up owning the Leaky Cauldron together!  I could go for pretty much any couple; they’re all so cute!!

Which book character would you take to dinner if you could?

Hmmm…  I don’t know really.  Probably one of the Harry Potter guys, as some of them are really sweet, eg. Cedric, Neville or Ron.  I suppose Clancy from Ruby Redfort has quite a nice personality, too.  Basically, I just don’t have any crushes on fictional characters.  Sorry everyone!

Villains deserve a little love, too. Which villain would you give a box of chocolates to?

Any villain/ antagonist that really just needs to chill a bit!  For example: LB (Ruby Redfort), Draco (Harry Potter) or Froghorn (Ruby Redfort (The G is silent)).  Chocolate is great at helping people to chill – just ask Lupin!

Be a matchmaker; pick two characters from different books and pair them up.

Ruby Redfort and Harry Potter.  They both have big personalities and are very brave and adventurous.  They also both have to complete certain tasks to make sure they don’t get on the wrong side of people, and have a habit of getting into trouble.

I don’t go looking for trouble.  Trouble usually finds me.

-Harry Potter

If I had to sort Ruby Redfort into a Hogwarts house, I’d put her in Gryffindor!

What setting in a book would you like to go on a date?

Haha, me on a date?!  Maybe Madam Puddifoot’s from Harry Potter.  Just maybe not on valentines day…

It’s not all about romance. What’s your favorite non-romantic relationship in a novel?

Harry, Ron and Hermione’s friendship in the Harry Potter books.  They’re such an unlikely group of friends, yet they stick together through thick and thin.  Although there are a few moments in the series where things don’t perhaps go as planned, and stuff happens which tears them apart slightly, they always get back together and that’s what I love!

Venturing out of the book sphere for a bit, what song makes you feel loved?

I don’t know…  Possibly Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.  It’s such a lovely song!!!!

Who is your favorite couple in a movie/ tv show?

For a non-romantic couple, I would choose the Doctor and his companion.  They’re always the best of friends!  For a romantic couple, it would have to be Anna and Kristoff from Frozen!  SOOOOOO CUTE!!!


Now, for the most important question of all, what is your favorite shade of red?

This one! It’s got a hint of pink, but it’s still technically red!

I hope you enjoyed this tag! This would have been like the only time it would actually be useful if I had a crush on a fictional character! 😛 I tag:

xx Elly xx


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