Misconceptions About Glasses-Wearers

Hiya, Badgers!

As a glasses-wearer, I have encountered quite a few people with misconceptions about wearing glasses.  In this post, I will complain about list a few!  Here goes:

Glasses = Geek/ nerd/ dork/ whatever else

I blame films for this one.  It’s straight up stereotypical.  I am a bit of a geek myself – or at least others might brand me as one – but there are plenty of specs-wearers who aren’t!  People wear glasses because their sight needs fixing slightly, bot because they are going along with stereotypes!  A lot of celebrities wear glasses, and SO DOES HARRY POTTER SO BEAT THAT!!!!


Weather doesn’t get in our eyes

Oh, how wrong this one is!

1) Glasses are not the same as goggles.  Although they can protect our eyes from getting all the rain/ snow in them, they do not completely block it.

2) Half the time, my glasses get covered in whatever is coming from the sky, and I end up having to take them off.  Someone seriously needs to invent little windscreen-wiper-type-thingies for glasses!


Glasses make people’s eyes look funny

NOOOOOOOO!  NO NO NO!  Although this is often the case in cartoons, it isn’t in real life.  Eyes tend to look completely normal behind glasses!!


Mascara and Glasses is a no go

I suppose this one is sometimes true, but I’ve never experienced it.  Unless your mascara makes your eyelashes like 3cm long, then I don’t think you’ll have this problem!


Glasses hurt your nose

Glasses aren’t that heavy!  I don’t know about you, but my glasses always slip down my nose.  I’ve never had any pain, though.


That’s the end of my little list!  Big thanks to Invisible2001 for some ideas whilst writing this post!

Do you wear glasses?  Have I missed any misconceptions off the list?

xx Elly xx



17 thoughts on “Misconceptions About Glasses-Wearers

  1. I salute you, fellow glasses wearer. My friend and I have long rants about this topic and you’ve picked up my feelings perfectly. I wrote a post like 10 months ago here about the annoying things people ask, but I still have quite a loud opinion over this kind of thing!
    And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some windscreen wipers somewhere, actually 😛 Anyway, great post!

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  2. THIS!! My glasses do hurt though, but the glass is quite thick (I’ve got pretty bad eyes) so it’s heavy on my nose. I’m also used to my contacts now, so that’s probably why it feels so heavy as well. I always find it hilarious when people think glasses equal nerd/geek. Yes, bad eye sight turns you into a nerd/geek *eye roll*

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  3. since when did people have 3 cm long mascara? Is this a weird little miracle for people who want their eyelashes to be so long they touch your nose? (not me) I don’t wear mascara much but my mum, who is a glasses wearer, does and it’s never bothered her!!!

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      1. I’ve actually just spend 5 minutes of my time seeing if it ACTUALLY exists! It doesn’t. The Badger and the wolverine come out on top, once again, over weird misconceptions and theories that wouldn’t even work!

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  4. Yay! Found it! 😀 There’s a lot on your list that I don’t have on mine. And, yup, everything here is SO TRUE! Haha! (Okay, I shouldn’t have laughed because life with glasses is not really that fun.)

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