Scary Thoughts….

Hellooooooo, Badgers!

Today, at my dance lesson, I was asked by someone who I’ve known for a while now what year at school I am in (I only see her about once a week, if that).  Naturally, I told her, and she looked at me, shocked.  She then stuttered a bit and asked me if I was joking and I said no.

Now, it’s not that I haven’t had experiences like this before, it happens a lot, it’s just that this one in particular struck me as quite weird.  If people I know think that I am about 3 years older than I am, then what does it mean?!  I’m also the youngest in my class (not my year) so it’s even weirder!  AAAHHH!!

Do any of you have this problem, or the opposite where people think you are younger than you are?  Let me know in the comments!

Also, please keep your responses coming in for this form!!!

xx Elly xx

(On a completely unrelated note, I finally got the Frozen soundtrack on my phone!  Time to try and learn Fixer Upper, which is the only song that I don’t know all the lyrics to from the whole film! :P)


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