Adarple (a new word)

I know, I know, what a strange title, but I’m running out of ideas and I’m trying to put a post together so that you have something to read and to show that I am not dead.

The word adarple came about earlier this week, when I was in Food Technology. We were looking at a PowerPoint which just happened to have pictures of adorable babies on it.
Me being me, I shouted (not too loudly), “LOOK AT THE ADORABLE BABY!!” and my friend (CLICK THE LINK!) who sits next to me misheard and thought that I’d said, “LOOK AT THE ADARPLE BABY!!” To be honest, I’m very strange, so that isn’t an unreasonable thing to think I had said.

Now, I keep saying adarple instead of adorable because I can.

xx Elly xx


3 thoughts on “Adarple (a new word)

  1. Hehe, cool word! Please don’t feel like you have to write posts just for the sake of it, though. It’s (in my opinion) nicer for both the reader and blogger to be relaxed and write stuff because they want to write. 🙂

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