Awkward Moments (A.K.A. How to be me)

(Warning: some TMI-ish moments. Because I trust you with my awkwardness.)

The definition of awkwardness may as well just be me.  I’m awkward in a lot of most situations; life just seems to throw stuff at me which will make me awkward.  Then, of course, there are those days when I perhaps didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked, or ones where I just can’t string a simple sentence together, no matter how hard I try.

Recently, I have had a cold as well, which makes things a lot harder to concentrate on.  I must have blown my nose every ten minutes or so, which just so happens to make life more awkward.  This is my typical routine when I need to blow my nose:

  1. Get/ find a tissue.  Sometimes this involves trawling halfway round the school to get to the toilets/ office to get some because my teacher doesn’t have any and I have either forgotten to bring my own or have run out, by which time I have to hold my hand in front of my face to stop the snot from dripping down my face (disgusting, I know).
  2. Trawl all the way back to the classroom bearing mountains of tissues/ toilet roll (that is, if I had to leave the classroom in the first place), then take my glasses off because they get in the way.
  3. Unfold the tissue/ toilet roll and bring it up to my nose (This part sometimes involves receiving strange glances from random people in the room).
  4. Blow my nose as quietly as humanly possible, whilst receiving several more glances and a few glares.
  5. Finish blowing my nose.
  6. Put my grotty tissue/ toilet paper in bin (yet again involving moving).
  7. Put my glasses back on.
  8. Get on with what I was doing and act like nothing happened.

Do you feel my pain?  (That’s rhetorical, you don’t have to answer)

Anyway, enough moaning about my horrible cold; I’m not trying to make you feel sorry for me.

Another awkward moment that happened to me recently was when my friend came out of the toilet and our conversation probably went a little like this:

My friend (let’s call them Bob): *Comes out of toilet and stands next to table*  “I think I’ve burned my hand…”

Me: *Mishearing it “I think I’ve wet my pants…” being the awkward person I am*  “EEEWWW!  THAT’S DISGUSTING!!  WHY WOULD YOU TELL US THAT?!”

Bob: *Looks confused*

Other friends (Pony and Football): *Looks confused*

Me: “Oh, I thought you said you’d wet your pants…”

Pony: “I thought she said she’d burned her hand???”

Football: “Me too…”

Bob: “I said I burned my hand…”

Me*Looks awkward*

This later lead to yet another awkward conversation with ‘Bob’ in which I apologised over and over again, then we decided to leave it…

I seem to have got into the habit of exclaiming, “Don’t die!” at the slightest of things.  If you cough (or trip… Or sneeze…) in front of me, be prepared!!!  My friends seem to have got used to this, whereas other people may look at me strangely.  One person who I’ve known for a little while now once replied, “I won’t…” rather awkwardly, which made me feel more awkward too.

I tend to be one of those people who simply says whatever comes out of their mouth at that moment, which leads to a lot of awkwardness.  Luckily for you, I can delete stuff on my blog, although I tend to just type as things come to me anyway.  I guess I’m pretty similar on my blog to the real life me, except slightly less weird (and I’m weird on here anyway), and I like that!  It is just my random thoughts anyway!

One of the many downsides to being awkward is the fact that awkwardness and clumsiness sort of go together.  Like, if words could be BFFs with each other, I would totally see awkward and clumsy as the perfect pair.

Pretty much anyone who has met me would tell you that I’m clumsy as well as awkward, but oh well.  You’d think doing ballet since you were about 4 years old would teach you how to be graceful, but, trust me, it hasn’t helped with me.  I somehow manage to fall up the stairs.  A lot.

I suppose it’s alright to be awkward really, as long as you’re good at laughing things off, even if it takes a little while.  To conclude this post, I’m going to say this (and you can quote me if you wish (not that you would though, I think)):

Embrace your awkwardness, it is part of who you are and it makes you all the more real!

xx Elly xx

Side-note: I realize now that this post has been a bit random and, well, awkward.  At least it fits with the theme!


11 thoughts on “Awkward Moments (A.K.A. How to be me)

  1. Loved this post, so funny and so relatable XD Especially the part with the nose-blowing, I do this every time I’m in class, though I tend to sit there for a while quietly sniffing literally every five seconds…

    Liked by 1 person

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