My Life Through Books Tag!

First of all, I am very sorry that I haven’t posted in aaaaggggeeeessss, it’s just that I have been very busy with stuff as I am a sociable human being/ unicorn.  Also I just hurt my back sneezing because a) I have a really bad cold (but still insist on doing stuff) and b) I’m pathetic…

Secondly, as you can probably tell from the title, I got tagged to do the ‘My Life Through Books Tag’ which was invented as a post idea by my friend over at Galloping Free, and made into a tag by Horse Feathers!  I have been tagged by both Horse Feathers and Bridget of Stay and Watch the Stars.

Here are the questions and my answers:

Baby: Did you like to read when you were little?

I don’t know really.  At one point I absolutely hated reading, but then I got really interested in it.

Toddler: What was your favorite picture book?

I loved and still love all of Lauren Child’s books.  She’s fantastic!

Child: Did you go through/are in a book ‘phase’? (Like reading the thickest books, reading all of an author’s books etc.)

I did actually go through a stage where I would read pretty much nothing but the ‘Rainbow Magic’ fairy books by Daisy Meadows.  I still have all of mine!

Tween: What books made/make you feel grown up?

Again, I’m not really sure.  I suppose reading the books which were higher up on the reading levels in primary school made me feel proud of myself and fairly grown up.  Other than that, it might have been Harry Potter, as they helped me understand what people were on about and they are quite thick.

Teen: What are/were books that you rave(d) about?

HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adult: What are books that used to seem boring to you but now you really like?

Nothing really.  I’ll read most things.

Elderly: What book from your childhood and/or teen years that you still cherish?


I’m not actually quite sure what the ‘Child’, ‘Teen’ and ‘Adult’ etc. bits are about, but I put them in anyway, even though I only really fit into one of those categories.

I tag:

Invisible2001, 4Moments, Books, Tea and a Onesie and Deep Blues and Sea Foam Greens

xx Elly xx


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