Your Secret’s Safe With Me- 2nd Chapter!

Chapter two- Recruited

Once we were both safe behind some large bins in the alleyway, Oliver took his hood off and revealed his face.  He looked like he was probably in his mid-twenties.  His hair was short- almost not there- and dark brown.  His face was clean-shaven and he had hazel eyes.  He was reasonably tall, and seemed in pretty good shape.  “So, kid, you may be wondering why I have brought you into this dark alley, and also how I know your name, age, and what route you take on the way back from school, amongst other things.  You want me to tell you?” He asked.  I nodded.  I was indeed wondering all these things, amidst other thoughts about stuff no one really needs to know about.

“Well, first of all,” Oliver started, “I’m not technically a stalker, so you needn’t worry about that.” He laughed.  I was confused.  Surely if he wasn’t a stalker he wouldn’t know all that he did about me.  The man continued, “I know all about you because I need to.  After all, we’ll certainly need it when you join the Agency.” He smiled.  He could quite obviously tell what I was thinking.  Still smiling, he rooted around in his pocket for something then brought out what looked like a wallet.  He then handed it to me.  I studied it carefully.  It was an ID wallet.  At first I was confused as it wasn’t Oliver’s, but then I realized that it was mine; it had my picture and details on it, right down to the fact that I was terrified of spiders.  I looked at it again and saw that it said ‘Agency 6’on it.  “Agency 6?” I asked Oliver, and he grinned.

“Welcome to the Agency, kid!” he said.  This time I smiled back at him.  I was excited, even though I had no clue what sort of agency it was.  Because I was wondering this, I asked, and Oliver simply replied, “I’m sure you’ll find out sooner or later!” and winked.  Why did he have to act so mysterious?  Why couldn’t he tell me?  After all, I was joining this agency.  For all I knew, it could have been an agency that smuggled random kittens into people’s gardens, although I was pretty sure it wasn’t.  Whilst I was thinking about this, I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings, and all of a sudden Oliver was no longer there.  I then heard a voice in the distance, saying, “Remember, don’t tell ANYONE!”

“Oh, well,” I said to myself, and began to continue my short trek home.  When I finally got home, my mom seemed very worried.  “Where were you all that time?” She asked, embracing me tightly.  “Mom,” I started, but I had to stop her hugging me to continue.  “Mom, I was just over at Danny’s!” I lied, “He needed help with some homework that’s due in soon.  I would have texted you, but my phone was playing up.”  Luckily, she seemed to believe me, and that was that.  I couldn’t tell her what had really happened, after all.

As with the first chapter I shared with you, I would love some feedback in the comments!  I don’t mind criticism, as long as I can work from it (eg. not ‘It’s rubbish’).

xx Elly xx




7 thoughts on “Your Secret’s Safe With Me- 2nd Chapter!

  1. I’m really enjoying reading this so far, but may I make the suggestion that you start a new line for each new speaker? Speech within paragraphs is quite hard to read, especially if there are different people talking. 🙂

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  2. I think the main character’s reaction is rather implausible – though I’m going to add that I haven’t read the first chapter so feel free to ignore whatever I say. It just seems to me that if a strange creepy guy lead you into an alley and knew everything about you, you wouldn’t be so trusting. Also, the fact that he didn’t really explain everything suggests (to me) that he’s made it up and not very thoroughly. I think it’d be a little more realistic if she doubted him a bit more.
    Just my two cents. Enjoyed reading it 🙂

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    1. That’s similar to what my friend said, and that’s why I added a bit in the first chapter 😊. It makes more sense if you read all the chapters as I left the last one on a bit of a cliffhanger.


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