Algebraic Fractions (and why they’re not as bad as they sound)

When my Maths teacher wrote the words ‘ALGEBRAIC FRACTIONS’ on the board at the start of my maths lesson today, my face was most likely a look of horror. Why? Because I hate both algebra and fractions and I thought the two together would be even more awful and boring than the topics are separately.

But I thought wrong! I learned loads and, although I couldn’t do all of the questions first time, I managed to understand how to work them out! Also, we did a few as a class because my teacher is nice 🙂 We also used the FOIL method (well a method derived from that) which gives me an excuse to draw a smiley face in my book!

It also snailed (AKA the class was arguing over whether it was snowing or hailing and that’s what we settled on), and in my German lesson I found out that Ingeborg (pronounced in-ge-borg) is an actual name! I had a pretty good day today and am now about to watch Frozen (the singalong edition (because I can)) which always improves stuff!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed me rambling on about my day as much as I did 🙂  And please keep your feedback coming in on my form!  I need it!  Also, afewgfway for the person who said they want me to post that in the future 😉

xx Elly xx


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