Advent Challenge Day 23- Christmas Films

Around this time of year, it’s pretty much certain that you will be able to find at least one Christmas film on TV that’s worth watching.  Here are a few of my favourites in no particular order (don’t worry there won’t be any spoilers):

Home Alone

I love this film!  First of all, there are adorable small children in it (especially Kevin), and anyone who knows me well knows that I love small children!  Secondly, the plot line is hilarious and interesting, if a tad unrealistic (but hey, it’s Christmas!).home-alone

The Nativity! series

I just have to include these films for several reasons:

a) Cute small children

b) David Tennant (in the second one)

c) Donkeys

and… Well I could quite easily go on, but I’d probably bore you.  Basically, these films are definitely near the top of my list.  I went to see the third (Dude, where’s my donkey?) yesterday, and it was funny and emotional all at once!


The Polar Express

The animation in this, though!  Seriously, it’s so realistic and the storyline is really good.  And it involves Santa, who everyone loves!  My mum pointed out to me that the train driver and the actor voicing him look really similar as well! 🙂polarExpress


Okay, so Frozen isn’t exactly classed as a ‘Christmas film’ as it is actually set in the summer, but it came out at Christmastime last year, so I’m going to class it as one for the purpose of this post.

As you can probably tell by this post, I really like Frozen.  It’s cute, funny and has really cool characters!  Plus, it’s Disney.  My little half-sisters both love it too, even though one of them isn’t even one yet!  My mum has just bought us the sing-along edition, which we will probably watch some time soon. 🙂frozen-digital-downloads_520x292

The Wizard of Oz

Again, it’s not technically a Christmas film, but it’s always on telly at Christmastime.  It’s a fun film with lots of singing and characters, and without it, there would be no Wicked, which is one of the best musicals ever!  And Toto is sooooo cute!!


Congratulations on reaching the end of this very long post!  Comment some of your favourite Christmas films below, or let me know what you think of these ones! 🙂

xx Elly xx


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